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Full Stack Web Developer

Full Time, Allendale, MI

You absolutely love code, both front and back end. You enjoy finding solutions to complex technical problems and creating software that people love using--software that makes a difference. You're a self-motivated developer who loves using and refining programming best-practices and working alongside a group of smart, talented individuals.

BizStream is looking to fill a full stack web developer position with our team. Our culture is one where we believe in investing in our greatest asset, our people. We do this by creating an environment that is conducive to collaboration and learning, where there is space to blow off steam and play foosball and where our associates are given a paid lab day each month to work on their own pet projects.

Ideal candidates will have several years of experience developing web applications and strong experience in C# and be familiar with React, Vue.js, or Angular.

Discover more about our benefits, values, and culture here.

Please note, this is not a remote position. Once our offices re-open from the COVID-19 pandemic closure, this will be a full-time, in person role in our Allendale, MI office.

Interested candidates should:
1. Submit their resume and cover letter via the form
2. Complete the assignment found below and submit to:

const d = new Array(96).fill('').map((a,v) => String.fromCharCode(32 + v));
const decode = s => [..." ".repeat(96)].map.call(s, val => d[(d.indexOf(val) - 32 + d.length) % d.length]).join('');

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The Skill List

Additional Skills Include:

  • Seeing the big picture of the product and can determine how the different features and aspects of the product work together to form a whole.
  • Evaluating new technologies to determine if they should be implemented on the product
  • Leading the implementation of new technologies
  • Following development standards and best practices
  • Supporting legacy application while a replacement is developed
  • Committing better code than they checked out
  • Being the resident expert in a given technology
  • Learning from mistakes (everyone makes them)
  • Being responsible for the quality of their work from start to finish
  • Providing accurate estimates for their work.

The ideal web developer will possess the following skills:

C#, MVC, WebApi
Familiar with Dependency Injection Design Pattern

Front End
Familiarity with Javascript frameworks such as React, Vue.js, Angular, jQuery

Other Tech
IIS / Azure Cloud / AWS Cloud
Azure DevOps
Visual Studio Tooling

Supporting ASP.NET WebForms
Experience with Kentico products

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