BizStream Academy Registration Opens for Summer 2017!
We have exciting news: registration for BizStream Academy 2017 is now open!  

Our BizStream Academy team have been busy looking at what worked well last year and identifying what needed improvement based on student and mentor feedback from previous sessions. Keep reading to discover what’s new for 2017! 

Here’s what you can expect as a BizStream Academy student this year:

Three Week Sessions

Last year’s two week sessions left some students feeling a little rushed and so the team wanted more than six classes to really get through all the material.  In 2017 each sessions will have nine classes, spaced over three weeks. We feel this will provide a better timeframe for mentors to thoroughly cover the material, dive a little deeper into some important topics, and for students to have the time needed to fully process all of this new information!

2017 Schedule
Session 1 - June 12 - June 30
Mon, Weds, Fri - 3pm - 5pm

Session 2 - August 7 - August 25
Mon, Weds, Fri - 3pm - 5pm

Office Hours

At BizStream Academy there are always at least two mentors that attend every class. This helps to make sure everyone’s questions get answered.  However, sometimes students may not even realize they have a question until they get home and start to code on their own. Maybe they didn’t realize that they didn’t understand a concept as well as they thought they did or they came across a problem while coding at home. Whatever the case is, it can be frustrating.   Mentors are always available by email, but sometimes students really just need someone to sit down with them and look at the problem. This year we’re offering office hours on the days in-between classes. Students are welcome to come in during that time and get some extra help or just code in a quiet, air conditioned space.

Office Hours
Session 1 - June 12 - June 30
Tues, Thurs - 4pm - 5pm 

Session 2 - August 7 - August 25
Tues, Thurs - 4pm - 5pm 

Registration Fee

In the past BizStream Academy had always been 100% free for students. However, last year we had an overwhelming response from interested students. This was a great problem to have! However, it created the need for a wait list. This is one of the reasons why, this year, we are implementing a $20 registration fee. This helps us to ensure that students who attend the Academy are committed to the program and willing to put their best effort forward. 

Secondly, the $20 registration fee helps to cover some basic costs of the super fun SWAG each student receives after successfully completing the course.   

We want BizStream Academy to remain a place where everyone has the opportunity to learn to code! If the registration fee is a problem, please contact us, as we do have a limited number of scholarships available.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn to code!

Join Us

Discover more about BizStream Academy or register today at
Registration closes May 1. 

We look forward to kicking off BizStream Academy 2017! 

BizStream Academy Flyer
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BizStream Academy Hosts Electronics Recycling Fundraiser 

Drop off your unwanted electronics while supporting BizStream Academy. 

Electronic drop offs are free, however we are accepting donations! All donations given during this recycling drive will benefit BizStream Academy.

This one day event takes place on Monday, April 17th | 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Learn more here

BizStream Electronics Recycling Flyer
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