​What Exactly, Do Software Testing and Bagpipes Have in Common?
Funny you ask because a few weeks ago they found themselves together in downtown Grand Rapids, MI at the 10th Annual Conference for the Association of Software Testing (CAST). This year I was able to represent BizStream at CAST2015
Hailing from 6 different countries, this years conference was attended by over 190 people and had over 30 speakers to include 2 keynotes. At the conclusion of the event’s first day we were treated to a surprise performance from a pipe band, that also included our Conference Chair.

The CAST experience itself is quite unique in that it is for testers, put on by testers. A strong emphasis was placed on creating a very relaxed atmosphere which led to a general openness of being able to question just about everything and everyone. Besides, it would not be much of a tester conference if you have that many testers together and questions were not allowed. ;) Every aspect of the conference was designed to encourage this interaction with one another, allowing for an exchange of thoughts, ideas and questions. All of this was very evident during the sessions themselves, meals, testing games, lightning talks and even in passing during coffee breaks.

The theme of the this years conference was “Moving Testing Forward” with a heavy focus on Context Driven and Exploratory Testing Methods.  Stay tuned, I’ll discuss these methods more in a later blog. Everyone had the option to select which of the various sessions they wished to attend. Many sessions were recorded and are now available through the Association of Software Testing YouTube channel. From  the sessions I was able to attend the information received was absolutely fantastic.

I had such a great experience and learned a lot of valuable information at CAST. I'm anxious to start implementing this new knowledge at BizStream, as we are always striving to improve our testing style. I’m definitely looking forward to attending CAST2016!

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Josh hails from the early days of BizStream. Josh was brought back to drive developers crazy with endless screen captures and loads of constructive criticism. When he's not finding software bugs, you will most likely find him running around, making sure our building is in prime condition. Outside of work, Josh can be found, exploring the Grand Rapids scene with his wife, Rori. He also enjoys backpacking, restoring estate pipes, practicing surfing, and finessing his mountaineering skills.

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