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How BizStream Ensures Delivery of Quality Software

By Dustin Christians on December 02, 2021

At BizStream, we’ve come a long way in our effort to reduce bugs and repair them quickly when they happen. We have many processes in place to prevent bugs, such as our software development process, automated testing, QA personnel, and error logging software. In this blog post, I’ll break down the many different ways we care about...
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Kentico Xperience MVC & ReactJS.NET

By Dustin Christians on June 23, 2020

This blog post is a walkthrough of adding ReactJS.NET to a Kentico Xperience 12 MVC application to enable the development of complex UIs with React and MVC. If you’re wondering if this is a feasible approach to creating large Kentico web applications, I can tell you it is, as we’ve already done it on
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How to Deploy Kentico Custom Modules

By Dustin Christians on July 03, 2019

Recently, I created a Kentico custom module for a Kentico 11 web application and needed to deploy it to other Kentico sites. Sometimes, depending on the module, this can require too many steps to remember especially if the module isn’t updated very often. I also realized that our client would need to maintain the module and deploy it to...
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Kentico Web Farms with IIS - Issues and Solutions

By Dustin Christians on November 30, 2018

Recently, while I was working on one of our new Kentico MVC sites that is hosted on a Windows Server with IIS, I ran into an issue with the Kentico Web Farm. The automatically updated search index files were not matching between the Kentico CMS app, MVC app or the API app we had set up. The Kentico Web Farm needs to synchronize changes to the...
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Sending Emails with the Kentico API

By Dustin Christians on September 15, 2017

Have you ever needed to send a contact form submission automatically via email? Here’s how to create the email template and use it to send form fields. This method takes in any dynamic object and inserts its properties into the template. This way the method is reusable for any emails that need to be sent. 
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Kentico’s Universal Viewer with Custom Query

By Dustin Christians on September 22, 2016

The Universal Viewer with Custom Query comes in handy when I need to display hierarchical data from custom tables or when I need more control over the data being displayed.  You may be able to use other web parts instead of the more complicated Universal Viewer, but ultimately using this web part will make your website faster and easier to...
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Connecting New Microsoft Web Projects to a Database

By Dustin Christians on November 10, 2015

Every time I start a new .NET web application I forget a few of the steps involved in connecting to the database and inserting my first record and I usually end up searching for the information online. Because I needed to know the information so often I decided it would be nice to document the process. For example, I recently decided to create a...
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