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Converting a Kentico Web Site to a Kentico Web App

By Ansel Pineiro on September 09, 2019

In the nearly 5 years I have worked at Bizstream, I have upgraded many Kentico sites. During my earlier years, Kentico Web Apps were starting to take off, but Kentico Web Sites were still pretty common and widely used. At that time there was no need to convert a Kentico Web Site to a Web App. Now though, Kentico Web Sites are so archaic that...
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Updating the Same Webpart on Multiple Page Templates in Kentico

By Ansel Pineiro on June 14, 2019

This blog post will help guide you on what to do when you have a Kentico site that has the same webpart on multiple page templates while needing to make the same change to every webpart. This can be particularly useful when upgrading. 
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An Approach to Preserving Newsletter Subscribers When Upgrading to Kentico 10

By Ansel Pineiro on February 16, 2018

If you are upgrading from Kentico 9 to 10 and your website makes use of Newsletters, there are a few things you need to do in order to keep your Subscribers. Without these steps you’ll undoubtedly lose Subscribers during the upgrade process. This blog post will show you an approach to preserving your Subscribers.
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5 things to look out for when upgrading a Kentico Site

By Ansel Pineiro on November 29, 2016

The complexity of upgrading Kentico Websites varies from site to site and version to version.  It can be anywhere from being as simple as running the upgrade procedure, to having to rewrite significant amounts of code. If the site has no custom code, and does not make use of views in the queries, then just running the upgrade procedure may...
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Multi-Environment Developing

By Ansel Pineiro on November 19, 2015

Often there is a need to develop for multiple environments. A common example would be a test environment and a production environment. Sometimes there can be small differences in the environment that result in the need for different code. It can get pretty messy to have to change that code when you are done testing and ready to deploy to...
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