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Temporary Fix for IIS CPU Spikes

By Cory VandenBout on January 10, 2022

We host a lot of sites at BizStream, with a lot of custom code behind them. Every once in a while, one of those sites has a bug that spikes the server CPU at 100% for a while, taking down all the other sites on the server. This post aims to temporarily fix the spiked CPU so it doesn’t negatively affect all the other sites on the server...
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What It Means to Care as a Developer and Why You Should Want To 

By Cory VandenBout on February 17, 2021

Identifying your company’s core values helps in many ways. It helps you identify the right people to hire and justify firing the people who aren’t a good fit. It helps you choose which projects to take on and which to let go of. And it gives your team a clear model to aspire to. BizStream lives by seven Core Values, one of them being...
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4 Entity Framework EDMX Tips to Help You Out of a Jam

By Cory VandenBout on February 14, 2017

Have you ever tried to change the structure of your database, or include a new table in your database-first EDMX, only to find that when you go to rebuild your solution you get about 1,837 new errors? “How can this be?!”, you might ask. “The database is setup right! The code worked fine 2 minutes ago! I just added a new table...
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The Easy Way to Use SvcUtil.exe with a Large Xml Schema

By Cory VandenBout on February 24, 2016

If you’ve ever used SvcUtil.exe to generate even a slightly complicated WCF Service, you know how annoying it is to gather up all your imported Xsd’s and list them after the command. I have no idea why, but SvcUtil.exe is too stupid to be able to figure out relative links on your local filesystem. Take heart however, there are a few...
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