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Personalizing Content via Personas in Kentico Xperience

By Caleb Compston on February 24, 2021

We have previously discussed setting up your core model and personas to build an improved experience for your users in  Defining Personas to Enhance Your Kentico Xperience Site. Once you have personas set up for your users, you can begin the process of customizing web page content.
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Defining Personas to Enhance Your Kentico Xperience Site

By Caleb Compston on October 14, 2020

Do you know what an individual or group of users is doing on your Kentico Xperience website? Google Analytics can provide a high-level overview of what is being viewed but isn’t great at tracking at a macro level. As a trusted website and application consultant, BizStream leads many conversations about delivering tailored user...
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Actual Accolades for Advanced Workflow in Kentico CMS

By Caleb Compston on May 20, 2019

“Oops, we forgot to publish that article!”, “Oh, was I supposed to look at that before it went out?”, “Anyone know where that blog post went?” If you’ve ever found yourself in one of these all too common scenarios, you’re not alone. Many companies invest in large task management boards to ensure...
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Kentico: A Single Platform

By Caleb Compston on December 19, 2017

How many different technology platforms does your company use? At my previous company, we used two different email marketing platforms, a customer relationship management platform, three different website platforms, and a social media management platform. To say onboarding time of new employees was long and strenuous would be an understatement...
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