BizStream Names Their Geek of the Week

By Michelle Lentz On December 17, 2014

BizStream Names Their Geek of the Week

This year we asked BizStream team members to embrace their geekiness with our Geek of the Week contest.

Beginning in June, BizStream asked the team members to sport their geekiest shirt every Wednesday. After a short photo shoot, the photos were posted on Facebook for friends, family, and of course, ourselves, to cast a vote for the geekiest shirt.

The contest ran for 24 weeks, ending in early December.

BizStream's geeky contest branched out during the holidays, including best Halloween costume and an ugliest sweater competition during Christmas (see the album here for some not-to-be missed pics!).

On December 6, Sterling Heibeck was announced as the winner at our yearly company holiday party. Sterling was awarded a $100 ThinkGeek gift card and an especially geeky shirt for his seven victories.

Did you miss all the action this year? Don’t worry, we are kicking off the second installment of our Geek of the Week contest on January 7, 2015. You won’t want to miss out, as all of our team members were gifted a couple of geeky shirts this holiday from Mrs. Claus (aka Bonny Schmidt). The competition will be fierce.

Follow us on Facebook to help us pick 2015 winner!

Big shout out to ThinkGeek. It's possible more than half of the winning shirts were from there. Great place for shirts and gifts for the geeky ones in your life: Be sure to check it out all the geeky goodies the site has to offer!

More Winning Shirts



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