Kentico: A Single Platform

By Caleb Compston On December 19, 2017

Kentico: A Single Platform
How many different technology platforms does your company use? At my previous company, we used two different email marketing platforms, a customer relationship management platform, three different website platforms, and a social media management platform. To say onboarding time of new employees was long and strenuous would be an understatement. To make things worse, the systems really didn’t integrate, so a lot of manual labor was required to maintain multiple databases with the all the information we relied on to do our jobs.

As a marketer, we are always looking for the platform that has that one feature we’ve been missing. I’ve often found that it’s a case of trading off one benefit for another. This complicates our lives as we lose time and money searching for, purchasing, learning, and then teaching each platform we select. Often we end up simply settling for a less-than-ideal platform just so we can staunch the time-loss wound. 

What most platforms lack is the ability to truly customize the engine to be exactly what you need, which would solve many of our multiple platform problems. Enter Kentico: with a strong out-of-the-box marketing toolset and the ability to customize your templates and functionality, it makes a compelling alternative to standard off-the-shelf platforms. Kentico has the native ability to manage your website, e-blasts, and blogs - all within a single platform.

To further augment Kentico’s already strong feature set, BizStream’s team has experience integrating Kentico with a laundry list of different platforms and strengthening Kentico into a truly enterprise-grade solution. From integration with on-premises LDAP systems to connecting to contact, product, or other databases, Kentico offers a strong base for a nearly single pane of glass experience. Chances are that if there is an API, BizStream can create a connection, lowering the amount of time you end up bouncing between platforms and removing the tedium of multiple unconnected platforms.

BizStream can also expand Kentico functionality to make those desired niche features a reality for your company. The beauty of utilizing a single platform is that new functionality can be applied to multiple systems. For example, you create a survey for your website. That survey can also be included in a marketing email that Kentico generates. You can add a link to it or even embed it in a blog post., The survey, email, and blog post can all have the same look, feel, and functionality. This process of interconnectivity is unparalleled across the industry and will leave your brand looking and feeling stronger.

If you have questions about what Kentico and BizStream can do for you, why not reach out to us today?

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