BizStream Academy Offers Summer School to Next Generation of Developers

By Anthony Everitt on April 03, 2014

Every one of us here at BizStream remembers the spark that led us down the road to working in technology. As designers, developers, and programmers, we know it takes just a small something to get a person going in this field. That’s why we created BizStream Academy -- to turn all those sparks into something bigger. Something like blazing...
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Events Redesign

By Adam Reece on March 04, 2014

When I first started at BizStream in 2010, one of the first projects assigned to me was the re-design of It was partly to learn how to develop using our CMS of choice, Kentico, and partly to give the company website some attention from an actual designer. 
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One Happy Camper

By Ron Merrihew on February 28, 2014

Have a look inside BizStream. Learn about the company's work hard, play hard culture. 
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Hello New Office, Bye Bye Old Office

By Michelle Lentz on June 18, 2013

BizStream recently purchased an existing property at 11480 53rd Ave. Allendale, Michigan, just a stone’s throw away from our current office at 6101 Lake Michigan Dr. We are looking forward to putting our own creative twist on the 20,000 square foot building to this once warehouse-like building.
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