BizStream Academy Attends GR DevNight

By Chris Hamm On February 14, 2017

BizStream Academy Attends GR DevNight
Even though BizStream Academy is a summer program, the Academy team continues to plan and network throughout the whole year. Last Wednesday three of our team members headed over to GRDevNight’s special event. This “meetup of meetups” event was geared toward connecting Meetup groups, nonprofits, and user groups that are working to make West Michigan a hub for technology.  

After a great dinner, catered by Two Scotts BBQ, each group had the chance to present a short description of what it is they do. We were blown away by the number of groups in the Greater Grand Rapids Area. Over 30 groups were represented,all with the goals to provide a space for people to talk technology and/or teach that technology. After the presentations, there was an open time to network, ask questions of one another, and generally rub elbows with other people in the industry.

BizStream Academy’s mission is to “Inspire lifelong learning, advance technological knowledge, and strengthen our communities through building a culture of collaboration”. In keeping with that, we wanted to connect with other groups that offer similar/complementary services in order to see how we can support each other and, to that end, it was a very successful night! We met several people interested in becoming mentors, a group looking to connect like-minded organization for mutual support, and even a few potential sponsors!  

The passion behind our team is clear, so keep your eyes open for more news from BizStream Academy!  We’re working hard to provide an opportunity for as many students as possible to get into the exciting world of code. If you are interested in enrolling in Academy, registration for the 2017 courses open March 1st, visit for more information! Are you interested in mentoring? We’d love to hear from you, contact us in order to get things rolling.

If you’d like to donate to BizStream Academy please check out our support page.  
BizStream Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which means all donations are tax deductible.

(Shelby Tieche, Mentor | Michelle Lentz, Marketing Communications Manager | Chris Hamm, Mentor)
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