Compare for Kentico Webinar Update

By Michelle Lentz On February 06, 2017

Compare for Kentico Webinar Update

Compare for Kentico was built to solve the problem of challenging deployments in CMS projects that fail all too often when multiple environments (Dev, QA, Production) and multiple development teams are in play. Using Compare for Kentico makes deployment easier, quicker, and more reliable than deploying by hand. Compare gives developers the ability to see the differences visually across two Kentico environments at the same time and know whether or not a change should be deployed.

New Features

With its latest update, Compare for Kentico can do even more for you. BizStream’s custom Kentico module now:

  1. Supports Kentico versions 8 through 10
  2. Includes a deployment wizard that can publish changes from one site to the next
  3. Has an easier than ever installation process
Users will experience numerous user interface enhancements, performance increases for the core comparison engine, and other small tweaks that make comparing live and development Kentico sites easier than before. 

Join Kentico Technical Evangelist, Bryan Soltis and BizStream co-founder, Brian McKeiver for a live webinar as they discuss how Compare for Kentico can solve the problem of challenging deployments in your Kentico CMS projects. 


Thursday, Feb 23, 2017
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

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