What Went Down at BizStream in 2016

By Michelle Lentz On February 07, 2017

What Went Down at BizStream in 2016
BizStream is unique to its core. One of our favorite mantras in our workspace is that we work hard and we play hard. Which is why so many great things happen around here in a mere 365 days. Keep reading to discover what Team BizStream was up to in 2016.

Play Hard

  • 96 Collective Backpacking Miles - Each year Team BizStream leaves our techy devices behind and hike out to a beach on Lake Michigan for an overnight camping trip. 
  • 1,072 Geeky Shirt Votes - We’re a techie crew and we wear it proudly, literally. Each week you can catch our team members sporting their geeky gear on BizStream's Facebook page. Check it out and start casting your weekly votes for 2017! 
  • 345,723 Slack Messages - Most of these are from team members communicating about client projects and other tasks that keeps BizStream running smoothly … but let’s be real, Team BizStream also has a lot of fun on Slack too, thankfully we cut WAY back on our GIF usage. 
  • 5 Paid Fun Days - Occasionally we’ll take a day off during the week to kick back and relax with other team members, like when we all head out for the newest Star Wars movie. 
  • 1,552 Games of Foosball - Clearly one of our best investments at BizStream. 

BizStream Academy

  • 64 BizStream Academy Students -  In 2016 we tried something a little different with BizStream Academy. We condensed our 8 week course into three, two week courses. This change gave us the opportunity to accommodate three times as many students! We’re pretty proud of that. If you are interested in learning more, visit our newly redesigned BizStream Academy website
  • $927 BizStream Academy Donations -  Last year BizStream Academy got a lot of love from community members. These donations help us to continuously improve BizStream Academy by streamlining the courses and providing students with efficient software and other technologies. It costs about $1,500 to put each student through the Academy, which is why these donations are very much appreciated. If you are interested in helping BizStream Academy financially please, check out our BizStream Academy Square store.

BizStream Family

  • 4 Baby BizStreamers -  Last year we welcomed 3 baby girls and 1 baby boy, and they are all adorable! 
  • 41 Total Number of BizStream Children - All these kiddos make outings like the BizStream Company Picnic super fun! 
  • 8 New Hires - Last year BizStream gained 8 very talented team members!
  • 27 Total Team Members - BizStream is made up of 27 individuals, all of whom bring their own uniqueness to the BizStream culture. 


  • 170 Hats and Mittens Donated - Each year Team BizStream and community members aim to collect 100 hats and 100 mittens for 100 chilly children enrolled in the GRPS Student Homeless Program. We were a little shy of our goal last year, but have high hopes for this year. Learn more about last year’s Warm Heads, Warm Hands, Warm Hearts Project.
  • 29,399 LBS of Recycled Electronics - Last year BizStream was able to properly recycle 29,399 LBS of electronics. That brings our all time total to 10.7 tons!
  • $29,398.61 Given to the Community - We’re passionate when it comes to helping our community. Which is why last we gave to a number of various causes, including the Allendale Township Library, Allendale School Programs, March of Dimes, and many more. 

Work Hard


We know a healthy employee with a satisfied belly is a happy employee, which is why we stock up on fruits and veggies, healthy snacks, a variety of beverages and offer weekly catered lunches. Here’s what we offered our team last year: 
  • 7,242 Healthy Snacks 
  • 52 Catered Lunches
  • 3,606 Office Beverages

Kentico Accomplishments 

Kentico is our favorite content management system (CMS). We’re one of the top Kentico Gold Partners in the world and proudly tout one of a few Kentico MVPs in the US. Check out our Kentico record at the end of 2016 below or visit the Solution Partners Page for a more in-depth look.
  • 15 Certified Kentico Developers 
  • 118 Completed Kentico Websites
  • 2 Certified Kentico Marketers
  • 25 Kentico Case Studies 
So, that’s what happened at BizStream in 2016! We look forward to sharing an even better 2017 with you next year!
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