BizStream Announces Five New Hires

By Michelle Lentz On February 08, 2022

BizStream Announces Five New Hires

Allendale, MI, February 15, 2022 -- BizStream, a full-service digital agency located outside Grand Rapids, MI, is proud to announce the addition of five new team members. BizStream has brought on new hires to support its project and product growth and expansion of services.

The new team members include: 

  1. Rexton Rainey, Creative Lead
  2. John Kidd, Web Developer
  3. Thanh Nguyen, Web Developer
  4. Josh Gallentine, Web Developer and Support Desk Specialist
  5. Sean Lakies, Web Developer

Kidd, Nguyen, Lakies, and Gallentine have joined the existing team of developers to assist with various client-based projects and BizStream-built products. As Creative Lead, Rex Rainey is helping BizStream grow its design, UX, and branding services.

Photo collage of web developersTop left to right: Josh Gallentine, Sean Lakies
Bottom left to right: John Kidd, Thanh Nyugen

"The first several months of the pandemic were challenging for ourselves and our clients," says Mark Schmidt, Founder. "However, as we all learned how to navigate and push through the difficulties, the work ramped up. In addition to existing client work picking back up, we brought many new clients on board. Expanding our team over these last several months has allowed BizStream to take on a lot of exciting new projects. I think we are all just really happy that it feels like we are back to the fun, work hard, play hard, BizStream we used to be."

photo of Rex Rainey
Rex Rainey, Creative Lead

Solution Architect and Co-owner Brian McKeiver shared, "Adding Rex [Rainey] as a Creative Lead to the team has made for an exciting new chapter at BizStream. With Rex's unique experience in digital and brand development, BizStream can offer even more of a comprehensive approach to our design and UX process than we could before, with the added option of brand development. I'm excited to see what our team can deliver to our clients this year!”

BizStream will continue to expand its team with a Sales Specialist and additional Developers in the near future. If you are interested in being part of the BizStream team, visit our careers page.

About BizStream
BizStream is a full-service digital agency located outside Grand Rapids, MI. We specialize in custom web development, online applications, design, and branding for our enterprise clients. We utilize a variety of technologies to solve their complex integrations and design needs. BizStream also has a number of Software as a Service (SaaS) products, including YouthCenter, CaseStream, and Toolkit for Kentico. Additionally, we're well known for valuing our team, offering extensive lifestyle and health benefits, as well as our community, through various philanthropy efforts. Our team of 30+ employees is a highly skilled group of developers, designers, digital strategists, and support staff.

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