Technical Excellence Is Not Enough

By Tom Hughes On January 13, 2015

Technical Excellence Is Not Enough

As web and software developers the easiest thing for us to do is to talk about our technical excellence and how that qualifies BizStream to create websites and apps.

But that's not enough.

Some of the most important parts of the process have nothing to do with web technology.

Our organization is probably a lot like yours. BizStream has a talented group of strong-willed people with their own ideas, opinions, and passions, all trying to get things done while living their lives.

We have kids and significant others, dentist appointments, car repairs, and all of the same demands on us that you have on you. And like you, we have business commitments with deadlines and budgets to keep.

Here at BizStream we disagree, persuade, debate, collaborate, get frustrated, blow off steam, support, play, and compromise.

To be effective in our own lives and our own organization we've become good listeners, good debaters, respectful, collaborative, understanding, and compassionate. We do all of this without compromise to our commitments to deliver great websites and to live our lives.

Here’s our secret.

Somehow dealing with both the technical and human issues of a successful project doesn't just make the entire process more challenging, it also makes it more fun and more satisfying.

We love it. It's the juice that makes it all worthwhile.

Let's go have some fun and make some great websites. Together. 

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Tom is senior advisor, business coach, and cheerleader for the team. Known for his ability to pull diverse concepts and resources together, Tom loves challenging assumptions and being creative in his approach to helping people and companies succeed. He thrives in an environment where no two interactions are ever the same. When he’s not at BizStream, Tom is usually training for an endurance competition or working on being the best grandpa ever to his 3 grandsons.

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