Join BizStream for Kentico Partner Summit Q1

By Michelle Lentz On January 24, 2017

Join BizStream for Kentico Partner Summit Q1
With the new year comes a new series of US Kentico Partner Summits. These quarterly summits thrive to bring business leaders from North America’s top Kentico Partners together, in order to gain quality feedback from those who dig into Kentico everyday. Here’s your chance to join BizStream’s, Brian McKeiver and many other top Kentico Partners for the first edition of 2017 on February 24th, hosted at Bit-Wizards, in Fort Walton Beach, FL. 

Who Attends

These summits are tailored to the owners and executives of Kentico Solution Partners and those in decision-making roles in the technology and management side of Partner organizations. Topics are not overly technical but are geared toward the needs of organizational leaders and moving the use of Kentico forward within their businesses. 

2016 Kentico Partner Summit in Indiana

Q1 Agenda 

The final agenda is still getting hashed out, but you can count on a partner case study review and a few presentations. There will also be table discussions where Partners will review the struggles they’ve encountered, as well as the accomplishments they achieved while working in Kentico within the past few months. Partners will also share how they are taking advantage of Kentico capabilities in order to bring value to their client’s online presence. Lastly, attendees will gain some insight on new things going down at Kentico from a Kentico representative. Oh, and a brewery visit

These meetings provide a great platform for networking and building relationships with other partners. 

How to Attend

For registration, a more detailed schedule, along with hotel and flight information check out the Kentico Partner Summit Q1 2017 event page

2016 Kentico Partner Summit in Charleston


A special shout out to Brian McKeiver, Rob Bean, and Michael Kennedy for organizing these events alongside with hosting partners. Feel free to contact them if you have questions about the group, or are interested in speaking or hosting future events.

Brian McKeiver | BizStream
Partner | Kentico MVP

Rob Bean | Refactored 
Partner | Marketing Strategist

Mike Kennedy | Competitive Innovations 
President | CEO
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