Five BizStream Team Members Earn Kentico Kontent Business Certifications
Allendale, MI - January 20, 2020 - BizStream is proud to announce that five of our team members have recently earned the Kentico Kontent Business Qualification, through passing Kentico Kontent's Business qualification exam. 

Team members who have earned this certification include Co-owner and Solution Architect Brian McKeiver, Solution Architect Darian Bonnell, Director of Sales and Marketing Dave Valko, as well as two Web Developers Joel Burke, and Ansel Pineiro.

The Kentico Kontent Business Qualification exam tests the understanding of the Kentico Kontent capabilities and best-fit scenarios. The exam tests the following areas: Subscription management and pricing, general product knowledge and terminology, collaboration and content publishing, technology, and integrations. The test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 30 minutes. At least 80% of the questions need to be answered correctly to pass the exam. 
“After using Kentico Kontent to build client solutions, the entire developer team is absolutely hooked on its simplicity and power, Both creating models and content are incredibly quick and easy in the UI. There are no databases or huge pages to design. Just create simple models, add your content, publish, and call a REST API endpoint to get your data from any app (web, mobile app, search index, or reporting service)! The UI gives you the ability to get a lot of work done quickly, both from a development perspective and a content creation perspective. Cloning content with/without data, adding new models, changing existing, setting up reusable snippets, cloning entire projects and data sets to set up new environments, and previewing your content on your actual web application are just some of the things that I was really impressed with.  

Technically, their SDKs and REST APIs made our architecture much simpler and enabled us to iterate quickly and deliver features faster. Kontent also gives us great flexibility to design solutions with technologies that fit the project's needs. You can easily create SPAs in React or Vue, static page generators with Gatsby, or .Net Core MVC apps. It's been such a great experience when we have projects that aren't Kontent, that we wish they were!” - Web Developer, Joel Burke

To learn more about the certification, visit the Kentico Kontent Business Qualification page.

About BizStream
BizStream builds web, online marketing, and software solutions. The company specializes in ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Kentico CMS and Kentico EMS development. Alongside custom development services, BizStream has three Software as a Service (SaaS) products, including YouthCenter, CaseStream, and Toolkit for Kentico. Founded in 2001, the BizStream team comprises more than 30 developers, designers, digital specialists, support staff, and contractors. BizStream is located just outside Grand Rapids, MI.

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