Kentico Kontent Partner, BizStream Launches Their First Kentico Cloud-Built Site

Kentico announced its headless CMS, Kentico Kontent, late last year. Ever since, team BizStream has been eager to dive in!

What is a Headless CMS?

Headless CMS is a cloud based service that acts as a content repository. Think of it like Salesforce, Zoho, or Office 365 for content curation and delivery. A headless CMS allows users to provide content to any channel and device through an API, without the need for an installed package on your own server. This allows users to focus more on content creation at the starts of a project and less on technical aspects. Discover more of Kentico Kontent’s cloud-first headless CMS benefits here.

CaseStream in Kentico Kontent

BizStream had a long-lasting need to build a website for their own product, CaseStream, a cloud-based case management software for domestic violence programs and shelter services. So, when Kentico announced their headless CMS our team saw a great opportunity to utilize this new platform. The website needed to be easy to edit while also compatible with ever changing technology. 

Learn more about Team BizStream’s experience building CaseStream in Kentico Kontent in Radka Uhlirova’s interview: Headless CMS: A Breath of Fresh Air for Developers, featuring Brian McKeiver.

CaseStream took just 12 days and only 3 team members to complete.

Benefits of Kentico Kontent

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing Kentico Kontent was the ability to create a fully editable website in an extremely short amount of time. CaseStream took just 12 days and only 3 team members to complete. The biggest factor in the quick turn around was the Marketing Team’s ability to capitalize on the content-first approach, providing content before development even began. 

Through Kentico Kontent, CaseStream was automatically optimized to be viewed on any device. Whether users are viewing CaseStream from a desktop or mobile device, the content will be displayed to create a user-friendly experience. 

Learn more about the benefits of Kentico Kontent and how the site was completed in just 12 days in the CaseStream case study.

Kentico Kontent Partner

Did you know BizStream is one of the earliest adopters of Kentico Kontent? We are happy to say we are also one of the very first Kentico Kontent partners! Check us out on the Kentico Kontent Partner Page.

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