Brian McKeiver to Speak at Code on the Beach

By Michelle Lentz On July 24, 2018

Brian McKeiver to Speak at Code on the Beach
Join BizStream’s Co-Owner and Solution Architect, Brian McKeiver, for Code on the Beach 2018. Code on the Beach has been the premiere conference to learn and hang out with the leading minds in tech in North Florida since 2013. Sessions are designed for intermediate-to-advanced software developers. The conference takes place August 9th-12th in beautiful Atlantic Beach, FL. 


Not only will attendees get to mingle with Brian, they’ll also get the chance to sit on his session, How to Build an Ecommerce Chatbot with Azure Bot Framework. During the session, Brian will demonstrate how to create a chatbot for an e-commerce site. View the full abstract below:

Learn how to build and connect an intelligent bot to interact with your e-commerce website. See how you can use the Microsoft Bot Framework, Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), and .Net Core to create a bot that can check a customer’s order history, order status, or tracking number. We use bots all the time at our office and love them. However, they typically are “dumb” bots that handle simple notifications to our Slack channels. I wanted to create a bot that was a little bit more complex and a lot smarter than the standard fair. With that goal in mind, I came up the idea of making a sort of “self service” way for someone who has placed an order on a e-commerce site to come up with a way to check their order history and/or order status by chatting with an automated Bot. I also originally wanted the bot to work on Slack, and when I discovered that the Microsoft Bot Framework delivered that ability plus many more channels, it was “game on” from there. The smartness of the bot comes from the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) that Microsoft Cognitive Services provides. After getting the project up and running I realized that this combination of technologies was down right amazing.


Registration for Code on the Beach 2018 is open until 8:00 pm est on Sunday, July 29, 2018. That means there is still time to see over 40 speakers talk about .Net Core, Microservices, Angular, Node, and all sorts of other fun and relevant technologies in 2018!

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