BizStream Collects 1,648 Pounds of Electronic Waste During 2015 Spring Electronics Recycling Drive

Team BizStream, constantly works towards a fit, healthy, and socially responsible lifestyle that includes recycling whenever possible. For the past few years we have implemented internal recycling programs that properly recycles our cans, bottles, cardboard, plastics, glass items and unneeded electronics. Most times, our recycling bin is overflowing well before the pick-up date. In 2014 we decided to open up our electronics recycling program to the local community and had great results!

Due to the great success we had with our 2014 Electronics Recycling Drive, collecting over 2,700 lbs of unwanted electronics, we wanted to give the greater Allendale Community a chance to safely dispose of their electronics once again! This spring we managed to collect another 1,648 pounds. That, combined with the 2,716 pounds we collected last fall, comes to a running total of 4,364 pounds of electronics that will properly be reused and recycled. Most importantly, all of this waste will stay out of our landfills!! The theme of the 2015 Spring drive appeared to be TV’s.  We received at least 11, with 27-32” being the popular size.


A quick run down of the items collected during our spring drive are:

11+ TV’s
7+ Printers
10+ Random A/V Equipment
6+ Laptops
2 Dehumidifiers
12+ Desktop CPU’s
6+ CPU Monitors
1 Really Large Flashlight
2+ sets of Speakers
45 lbs+ of old batteries
5 Boxes of keyboards, mouse, old wires and cables
Other miscellaneous computer parts

Be sure to connect with BizStream on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so you can catch the latest updates on BizStream’s future recycling drives as well as other BizStream happenings.

Thank You again to everyone who helped make this event possible, and we hope to see you the next time around!

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