Brian McKeiver Earns Kentico Cloud Developer Certification
BizStream is proud to announce that our very own Kentico MVP, Brian McKeiver, has earned the Kentico Cloud Developer Certificate by passing the Kentico Cloud Developer Exam. 

Brian has had experience developing for Kentico Cloud though various proof of concept applications and for a product site developed in less than 2 weeks using the headless cms platform. It should be noted that Brian has extensive CMS experience in a multitude of platforms including knowledge that goes back to Kentico v 3.1a in 2009.
“Preparing for multiple projects that will leverage Kentico Cloud has exposed me to the principals and fundamentals in developing and implementing Headless CMS solutions” says Brian,  “At BizStream, we believe Headless CMS / Content as a Service solutions will be a big part of the future of the web. That’s why I was motivated to take the exam and become certified in this technology stack.” 

The Kentico Cloud Developer Certification Exam is an online exam consisting of 40 questions that must be completed within 40 minutes. Test-takers are allowed to use any resource they find helpful during the forty minutes, the exam must be taken individually. The Kentico Cloud Developer Certification exam tests developers knowledge of Kentico Cloud usage in typical scenarios. Namely, it tests understanding of terminology and concepts, architecture, features, API’s, SDK’s, content modeling, apps, boilerplates, static-site generators, and collaboration.

BizStream is a top Kentico Gold Partner and is proud to have a number of our teammates hold certifications in Agile, Kentico Certified Development, and Kentico Certified Marketing. We welcome the addition of the Kentico Cloud Developer Certification to our list and offer earning it as a challenge to our development team.

To learn more about Brian, please check out his profile or better yet, visit his Kentico blog  Interested in learning more about becoming Kentico Cloud certified? Learn more about the certification here.

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