Brian McKeiver to Speak at Code PaLOUsa

By Michelle Lentz On June 12, 2020

Brian McKeiver to Speak at Code PaLOUsa
BizStream's Co-Owner and Solution Architect, Brian McKeiver, will be speaking at Code PaLOUsa 2020. The conference will be held virtually on August 19th - 21st.

Code PaLOUsa is a software development conference designed to cover all aspects of software development regardless of technology stack. The conference schedule features presentations from well-known professionals in the software development community. 

Catch Brian's Session

Brian will be giving a 60-minute talk on Optimize Your .Net Azure App Services. Catch his session on Thursday, August 20, at 9:45 AM. Read the full abstract below:
Azure App Services are basically the de facto standard as the best possible way to deploy and host a .Net Framework or .Net Core application, period. You can argue with me until you are blue in the face about other hosting methods or platforms, but you would still be wrong.

However, utilizing an Azure App Service as your hosting method is not the same as utilizing standard IIS, especially when it comes to optimization. During the session, we will deploy a .Net Core MVC application to Azure, determine an initial baseline for performance, and then walk through how to configure various properties and server-side configurations that make that site blazing fast.

Expect to leave my session having learned a few tips and tricks on how to spot performance issues, understand the nuances of the properties and settings available to you, and ultimately optimize your Azure App Service for speed in the real world.

Attend Code PaLOUsa 2020

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