BizStream Partners with Local Community to Support Flint Water Crisis
image-(2).pngIn this day and age, we enjoy so many luxuries that we often take the basics for granted.  Water is one of them.  How often during the day do we simply turn on the faucet to use water for our everyday activities?  Showering, brushing our teeth, doing laundry, making dinner, washing dishes, and of course, for drinking.  Now imagine if your water is polluted, and no longer usable.  This is a reality for many in Flint.  On January 5, 2016, Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency in Flint after extensive water testing throughout 2015 determined elevated levels of lead in the water. 

In addition to federal aid now being provided, groups and organizations across the state and nation have rallied together to support Flint and their need for clean drinking water.  Among them were two from our Allendale community.  

Allendale Public School (APS) began a water drive for the month of February, and with the generous contributions received, they soon needed more space to store the water donations.  Meegan Zickus immediately thought of BizStream, and of course BizStream was more than willing to store the water donations in their warehouse, and to also be a drop-off location for water.  In addition, BizStream agreed to match all water and monetary donations that came in during a one day event, named Fitness Frenzy, sponsored by the Allendale Public School’s PTO.  The total collected and matched by BizStream during the Fitness Frenzy was: 181 one gallon jugs of water, 29 cases of bottled water, and $500 in monetary donations.

Josh Connelly and the CrossFit Allendale team, originally being from the Flint area, could not resist the urge to help out. They had their own water drive going but in a more creative way.   For every WOD (workout of the day) check-in on Facebook, through the end of February, CrossFit Allendale donated a bottle of water to send to Flint.  Members also brought in their own water donations.  CrossFit Allendale sent a total of 1,750 bottles of water to Eisenhower Elementary School in Flint.  Having several CrossFit enthusiasts among its team, BizStream is also matching water donations collected during the #WodForFlint Campaign.

Through the generosity of many in the Allendale Community, BizStream has collected in its warehouse a total of 2,377 bottles of water, 75 - one gallon jugs of water, and 10 -  two and a half gallon jugs of water. The water collected is making  its way to Flint, Michigan this Thursday.

Eisenhower Elementary Students
CrossFit Allendale's #wodforflint campaign
Water collected from Allendale Community

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