BizStream Academy Hosts Electronics Recycling Fundraiser 

The Story

At BizStream, our world revolves around keeping up with the wants and desires of our clients’ ever-changing virtual worlds. Staying a step ahead of those demands means our need for newer and better technology is endless. For us at BizStream, that means that we may end up with piles of outdated computers, printers, servers, and cables throughout the year. We weren’t quite sure what to do with them and we figured we weren’t the only ones. 

In the Fall of 2014 we organized our first electronics recycling drive. We invited our team and the community to drop off unwanted computer equipment and electronics, at no cost to them. The event was so popular that we continued to the tradition over the last three years and have now held a total of five drives. To date, we have collected 21,502 lbs or 10.7 tons of unwanted electronics! We are excited to keep that number growing with future drives, keep reading to learn more about our upcoming drive.

Who Benefits

The Environment. This events helps keep old technology out of our landfills and ensure that they are properly recycled.

Our Community. BizStream happily absorbs all costs associated with these drives in the hopes of helping our community members find a simple solution to purge unwanted electronics. 

BizStream Academy. BizStream Academy is a non-profit coding bootcamp, powered by BizStream, that empowers students to find their passion and learn useful web development skills.

Electronic drop offs are free, however we are accepting donations! Any donations given during this recycling drive will benefit BizStream Academy. In 2016 we were able to accommodate 64 students. It costs about $1,500 to put each student through the Academy​, which is why any donations are very much appreciated. If you feel as passionate about this as we do we’d love have your help! Make a donation at the event or an online donation here

Recycling Process  

We send everything with Michigan’s own Comprenew, one of the only registered, non-profit e-waste recyclers in the state. Comprenew adheres to a strict zero-landfill policy for all electronic waste, and does not export hazardous materials to other countries. All data containing devices are cleared or destroyed by highly trained staff. 

Event Details

What: BizStream Academy Electronics Recycling Fundraiser 
When: Monday, April 17th | 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM (one day only)
Where: BizStream - 11480 53rd Ave. Allendale, MI 49401

Future Drives

Connect with BizStream on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so you can catch the latest updates on BizStream’s future recycling drives as well as other BizStream happenings.
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