Customer Support - How We keep Our Clients Happy

By Albert Hovingh On March 14, 2017

Customer Support - How We keep Our Clients Happy
At BizStream, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients happy. One way to do that is through our support process. 

Right now, our support process is lightning fast. The vast majority of our cases are looked at and responded to within one hour of a request. We even have automation that, in some cases, lets us see problems that arise in the software before our clients see them.

But we can do better.

After years of running our support through a customer support software named Fogbugz, we’ve decided to switch to a software named Freshdesk. While Fogbugz was a great software for a support/project management hybrid, our business had evolved so much over the past five years that it no longer made sense to continue using it as it stands. Our team did some deep digging, and after a lot of research, we felt strongly that Freshdesk would best fit our current needs. As a result of this switch, we've gained some new methods that allow our team to become quickly aware of client needs as well as new ways to deliver exceptional customer service. Keep reading to discover what we are improving at BizStream.

Service Level Agreement Policies 

A Service Level Agreement is a is a contract between us and the client that lets them know what level of service to expect. So when we write up our quotes for projects or features, everybody knows how their support is going to work, and when they can expect a response. Even though BizStream isn't a 24/7 dev shop, we are always keeping an eye out for major support issues. If a client has a site that is brought down by a spammer, or a server shuts down without notice, we want to be able to address the problem quickly. As a result, we've implemented some new policies in order to reassure our clients that they are in good hands. For example, let’s say a website goes down, and our support responder hasn’t become aware of the issue. If this happens, Freshdesk gives our support team the ability to notify other team members if a problem goes unaddressed for a predetermined period of time. It also allows us to quickly judge the severity of the case and respond properly, much sooner than we were able to previously.

Easier Communication

Freshdesk offers a simple solution that will allow our support team to respond to clients and keep them informed of their issue’s status. While we are great at communicating with our clients, our current system isn't very intuitive to learn. Previously, we had to communicate with clients by logging in directly to the support system. Responding to any request via direct email wouldn’t track the information in the same ticket, making both internal and external communication very difficult. Our new system allows our developers to communicate directly with the client and still be tracked within the support software.

Ticket Tracking Portal 

Clients will be able to use our portal to track their case. This will allow them to see any updates as well as the history of communication on that case. It will also alleviate the responsibility for either party to wonder whether or not their case is being dealt with in a timely fashion.

Mobile Support

Anyone who wants to take customer support seriously will need to be able to access any problem items the moment they come in. This can be a little tricky when our first responder is on the road, or in a meeting. Without a mobile app to inform us of issues coming in, critical issues could be left unnoticed for over an hour. While we have built our own app to go with our previous system, the application would regularly go out of date due to phone updates and/or environment changes. Having a native application alleviates this tension of continually supporting a phone application that our organization only uses internally.

Cloud Based

Nobody likes it when they lose power. Especially if that happens at the same time as a critical event. With our old system, it was extremely difficult to manage support during an outage. While there are certain benefits to hosting on-premises, we were limited in the way that we could respond to clients during an outage. Now that our support system is all on the cloud, we can be notified from anywhere with internet access.

Future Customizations

While our previous software allowed our developers to make modifications to the system, in order to make modification to the system and enhance our customer support experience, there were still many features missing. With our new system, we are planning on integrating it into our project management software as well as into our CRM technology. 

For instance, we use software called Mavenlink to manage our projects, features, and support items that come through our system. With the enhanced capability for development, we will be able to automatically create items in this system from Freshdesk with the push of a button. 

We are constantly thinking of new ways to make the support process smoother for our clients and easier for us. Improvements like Freshdesk help us get support requests responded to more quickly and keeps all our information in one place. No one wants to request support, but we want to make it as smooth as possible when someone needs support.

We’re very excited about the new opportunities that Freshdesk has to offer. As we continue to improve our processes at BizStream, our software is just one step in making customer satisfaction higher. In the future, we plan on expanding on this software and making it our own. If you have any questions or advice on our new support system, let us know and we’d be happy to receive any feedback you might have.
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