Brian McKeiver to Speak at Orlando Code Camp

By Michelle Lentz On March 08, 2018

Brian McKeiver to Speak at Orlando Code Camp
Join BizStream’s Co-Owner and Solution Architect, Brian McKeiver, for the 13th Annual Orlando Code Camp on March 17th, 2018 at Seminole State College! The code camp is a free, one day learning event for programming professionals and students with a focus on .NET and other related technologies. This year the Orlando Code Camp features 89 Speakers, 91 Sessions, and 13 Tracks on a diverse range of topics.


Serverless Architecture Shootout

Brian will be presenting: Serverless Architecture Shootout, where he will be debating the pros and cons of different Serverless platforms and functions. The full abstract is below:
Serverless architecture is a way of computing that allows you to build/run applications and services without thinking about servers. Join Brian McKeiver as he compares & contrasts two of the most popular serverless platforms, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, to find out which platform reigns supreme. The session will detail out how you can build a modern web site or web application that leverages a series of microservices as the main architecture. The microservices that will be compared and contrasted fall into the groups of Functions as a Service, Storage as a Service, Search as a Service, and even Headless CMS. All technologies that you can use to deliver sites to your customers faster.    

If you are a seasoned veteran of Azure Functions or AWS Lambda, or brand new to the world of serverless, seeing the two platforms compared side by side might just give you a new point of view. At the very least, the goal of the session is to spark some interest in some new tools that will help you develop solutions that can seamlessly scale, deeply integrate, and deploy on demand. All of which gives you the power of the serverless advantage. 

Register for Orlando Code Camp

This is a free event but attendees are highly encouraged to register for planning purposes. Attendees can register here until day before event.
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