Being Fearless in Your Personal Life and Work Life

By Ian TeGrootenhuis On March 16, 2019

Being Fearless in Your Personal Life and Work Life
Fear generally has a negative impact on people’s lives. It’s a way to warn a person about life-threatening events, but it can be a killer of dreams, opportunities, and personal growth. A person can’t live their life to its fullest if they’re afraid of asking someone on a date, applying for a dream job, or going on that vacation of a lifetime. In 2018 I overcame a few fears, both personally and professionally, that enriched my life. I took on more responsibilities, accepted failure, and seized opportunities instead of letting it slip away. 

What Being Fearless Means to BizStream

We have seven core values at BizStream, one of them is Be Fearless. You can read about all seven of BizStream's core values here. Here’s what being fearless means to BizStream:
  • Take on new challenges, things you’ve never done before, conquer it.
  • It is ok to make a mistake. Learn from on it, prevent it from happening again.
  • See a gap at BizStream, step up, fill it, propose a solution, make a change, own it!
  • Try, make it happen, re-invent, and never stop learning.
  • It’s good to do hard things.
It is important to BizStream that we have fearless people on our team. We want people who will step up and fill gaps, seek out ways to improve the way we handle our solutions, learn from mistakes and document them so others don’t fail in the same way. 

I believe fear is one of the primary causes of why people have a lack of confidence. People who overcome fear are able to do incredible things like climb mountains, jump out of planes, or boldly carry themselves in their day-to-day. Keep reading to learn about a few fears I overcame recently.

Overcoming a Fear of Responsibility 

As a young coach, taking on the responsibility for transporting six kids across multiple states to wrestling camp was extremely scary. Last June the wrestlers and I traveled to Iowa for the Dan Gable Museum Classic wrestling camp and provide community service at the National Wrestling Hallow of Fame. As part of the trip, we chopped wood and removed scrap metal at Dan Gable’s house. Afterward, we drove out to Wyoming to climb/hike around Devils Tower. I grew a ton as a coach on this trip, I am glad I took on the responsibility. 

Volunteering at National Wrestling Hall of Fame - Dan Gable Museum 

Devil's Tower

Facing a Fear of Failure 

In August, I flew out to Colorado to hike the tallest mountain in the Rockies, Mt. Elbert (14,440 ft.); go big or go home! Unfortunately, I had to accept failure; I only made it about 6 out of the 7 miles of the trail before I decided to turn back for safety reasons. The scenery was truly breathtaking and I’ll always remember it. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I also learned I don’t want to climb/hike another mountain.

 Mt. Elbert

Don’t Let Opportunity Slip Away

A few months later, I leaped at the opportunity to put my name in the bucket with a slim chance of performing stand-up comedy for the first time on the #1 live podcast, Kill Tony. When my name pulled out I was instantly struck with a jolt of fear. I thought to myself “Let’s do this!”, as I walked up on stage. It was one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever done. The rush I got from getting some laughs was absolutely euphoric. I was riding the high for a couple of days after that night. Because of that experience, I am now looking into doing stand-up as a hobby. I am so glad I seized the opportunity. 

Kill Tony, Live Show

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

With a year filled with adventure, one of the most significant moments was when I stepped up to advance my programming skills in order to fulfill my goal of taking on less internal work and more client work at BizStream. Taking time off work to go to Grand Circus, a local code camp, played a considerable part in advancing my skills. Once I graduated from Grand Circus, BizStream trusted me to work on more client projects like the American Society for Microbiologist (ASM). ASM is a really fast and sweet looking website. Accepting that kind of responsibility is intimidating at first, but it was good to get out of my comfort zone. 

Conquer Fear

In one of my favorite episodes of The Office, Dwight puts Ryan through a ringer of challenges to help him make his first sale. In the last challenge, he says “Fear is what it is all about, you cannot sell while undergoing fear, you need to VANQUISH FEAR! One must wrestle fear to the ground; you must wrestle my cousin Mose.” 

You cannot go on that mountain climbing adventure or getting that dream job if you are undergoing fear. I encourage you to go out and wrestle your fears to the ground and vanquish them out of your life. What fears have you overcome recently? What did you gain from overcoming them? Drop them comments below!
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