Why I'm Speaking about Web Accessibility at Beer City Code
One of the best things about being a web developer is the community. In what other industry do people love sharing their solutions and helping others solve problems? This culture of sharing has given us amazing things like open source software projects on sites like GitHub and developers helping developers on StackOverflow. While these sites are invaluable, there’s something extra special about learning and collaborating with people in my own town. It’s this drive to be part of my local developer community that brings me to the Grand Rapids JavaScript Meetup every month and one of the reasons I submitted a talk proposal at Beer City Code

I’m excited to share my knowledge with the Grand Rapids development community, and I’m thrilled that we as a whole are sharing our knowledge (and awesome beer scene) with the wider development world. My topic, Web Accessibility, particularly timely. As more and more websites need to be accessible to gain ADA compliance and reach wider audiences, developers need to learn the techniques and best practices to make this possible. I’m happy to share my expertise with my fellow developers and help build more usable websites for everyone.

I hope you’ll join me and the other exceptional speakers at Beer City Code at Calvin College June 10! Tickets are available now.

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