Actual Accolades for Advanced Workflow in Kentico CMS

By Caleb Compston On May 20, 2019

Actual Accolades for Advanced Workflow in Kentico CMS
“Oops, we forgot to publish that article!”, “Oh, was I supposed to look at that before it went out?”, “Anyone know where that blog post went?” If you’ve ever found yourself in one of these all too common scenarios, you’re not alone. Many companies invest in large task management boards to ensure their content is properly vetted, with Kentico however, the need for additional software feature sets to track content through a workflow is drastically reduced.

Kentico offers many attractive features for an enterprise customer including online marketing tools, excellent multi-language support, and a very easy to navigate pages application. In working with our team’s last few enterprise customers however, the feature that most content administrators and editorial staff were interested in was actually a lesser known feature called advanced workflow.

Advanced workflow in Kentico is a toolset allowing content administrators to set up a logical set of steps for approving content. By default, Kentico assumes as soon as you press save on a piece of content it is live. There is also a basic workflow which has some basic steps like draft mode, awaiting approval, and published, however, under the hood, Kentico offers a state-of-the-art workflow management solution tailored for customers with advanced content management needs.

Below I’d like to share how one of our customers successfully used Kentico Advanced Workflow’s First Win and User Choice to assist with managing communication, ensure governance was being met, and ultimately speed up time to go live.

The Basic Kentico Workflow Visualized in Advanced Workflow

The basic Kentico workflow visualized in Advanced Workflow.

Our client was having trouble monitoring where content was in their content pipeline. Upcoming content was relegated to an id number and documents were physically passed through the office for approval. This left a lot of manilla folders laying about the office, with little visibility to where new content was at in the approval pipeline unless you were willing to travel from desk to desk. Further complicating their situation, their approval process was complex, they had the initial content creator, who then passed it to their supervisors for editing, who then had to route it to the correct department for either technical or legal review. It then went back to the supervisor and potentially back for further modification by the original owner.

With Kentico Advanced Workflow they were able to set up a robust approval process that looked something like this:

The advantage of having a visual workflow also appealed to the project stakeholders as being able to trace through where something was going next helped everyone to understand how it would work rather than just looking at a list.

You’ll notice that in certain key junctures of the workflow, the reviewer has multiple action steps using the User Input option in Kentico’s Advanced Workflow, including rejecting to the original author, the supervisor, or sending it to another party to review.

They paired this workflow with custom email templates, that would email out all in the important parties at each step to keep tabs on where things were at in the process. Using these two pieces of functionality together, they were able to very clearly identify where something is in the workflow without having to resort to manilla folders.

Get Started

To get started with Kentico Advanced Workflow Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) will need to be installed and configured. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using Advanced Workflows. Kentico Advanced Workflows also allow custom actions, written by developers, that integrate with other custom elements of the site or third-party integrations.
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