Find BizStream at Beer City Code 2019

By Michelle Lentz On May 01, 2019

Find BizStream at Beer City Code 2019
Team BizStream is looking forward to Beer City Code and we have many reasons why! Beer City Code is an annual software development conference held in Grand Rapids, MI. This year’s conference is held May 31 - June 1 at Calvin College. The main conference is held Saturday, June 1, with optional day-long workshops the day before, Friday, May 31. There is also a kids conference, Root Beer City Code, held on Saturday morning. 

About Beer City Code 

This conference is known for attracting a ton of local talent and knowledgeable speakers from across the nation. Sessions cater to all skill levels, ensuring attendees will walk away with valuable information, regardless of their experience level. Each year BizStream team members have taken away valuable information that helps us to improve both individually and as a team.
This year’s keynote speaker is Chloe Condon. Chloe is a Cloud Dev Advocate at Microsoft.

Catch Brian’s Session

BizStream's Co-Owner and Solution Architect, Brian McKeiver, will be presenting Optimize Your .Net Azure App Services
Azure App Services are basically the de facto standard as the best possible way to deploy and host a .Net Framework or .Net Core application, period. You can argue with me until you are blue in the face about other hosting methods or platforms, but you would still be wrong. 

However, utilizing an Azure App Service as your hosting method is not the same as utilizing standard IIS, especially when it comes to optimization. During the session, we will deploy a .Net Core MVC application to Azure, determine an initial baseline for performance, and then walk through how to configure various properties and server-side configurations that make that site blazing fast.     

Visit the Beer City Code site for a complete list of speakers and sessions. 

Visit our Booth

BizStream has been a proud sponsor of this conference for multiple years and is once again happy to return as the platinum sponsor!
Be sure to swing by our booth for your chance to partake in a fun, interactive contest. Hint: brush up on your block stacking abilities. The winner will take home an awesome piece of technology! We’ll also have snacks!

How to Attend

Register for Beer City Code here.
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