Kentico’s Explanation Text, Helping You Go from Good to Great!
When going from beginning to end in the “development process” there are many steps and people involved to get your content out to the world! What if I told you there is a feature within Kentico that can help make a difference for developers, testers, content editors, end users, pretty much anyone involved? Kentico is a content management system, after all, so let’s utilize it as such!  The feature we are going to talk about today is using explanation text for Kentico page types. For an overall look at page types, please check out Chris Hamm’s latest blog post topic, Kentico 101: Page Types.

The Perks of Explanation Text

For all things Kentico, Kentico Docs is a great resource to help dig into many of the fun and exciting features that Kentico provides, including what we want to focus on today: the explanation text feature. So what are some benefits of this feature?
  • Quick and simple for anyone to add, not just developers
  • Fully utilizes the content management system for content editors
  • Better overall experience for someone new to the world of Kentico content
  • Great reminders for the variety of content you may be loading onto your site
Depending on how your site is set up you may have anywhere from one to “who knows how many” fields for adding your content. If you have multiple page types, each with a variety of content to include, it can get overwhelming very quickly to remember exactly what goes into each field. This is where explanation text comes in to save the day!

This feature allows you to add tips/hints below fields in order to help a content editor focus on what content to load. Explanation text can be used in a variety of ways to include details on image sizes, characters limits or whatever information is going to help a content editor get their content loaded and out to the end users even quicker.

Here is a quick, high-level rundown on how to use this feature:
  1. Log into the admin side of your site
  2. Do a quick Applications search for “Page types”
  3. Find and edit the page type you are looking to update
  4. Click on Fields in the sidebar
  5. Find the field in the list that you want to edit and click on it
  6. Scroll down the page until you see a field labeled explanation text
  7. Update the messaging to help direct your content editors

How We Use Kentico's Explanation Text at BizStream

As Quality Assurance Specialists here at BizStream, it is our passion to put ourselves into the shoes of our Client (content editors) and also that of the end users to help provide the best experience possible for both. The explanation text is a great tool to have in our back pocket so we can provide more tips/hints for content editors so they can get their content loaded even quicker and out to the world. 

From Start to Finish

This small feature can be a win, win for everyone involved in the development process.
  • Developers look awesome because they took the time to add these little finishing details
  • QA loves it because it saves time while we test and also gives us an opportunity to further help out content editors by providing extra tips/hints. Plus it gives QA the perfect opportunity to put that 1000 x 3000 image into that field that is labeled to load a 100 x 200 image spot and see what happens!
  • Content editors will spend less time scratching their heads wondering what content do they put in this field on this page … getting quality content out to the end users quickly is the goal, right?
  • End users get to experience amazing content even sooner because content editors did not have to spend as much time getting that content generated.
We could spend all day, actually days, even months or years digging into all of the ways Kentico can help make your project better, but chose to focus on a small yet powerful one today. Have you had good luck using explanation text or perhaps you are using another one of the Kentico’s many features to help? Please leave a comment and let us know!
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