What is Kentico Xperience?

By Dave Valko On May 28, 2020

What is Kentico Xperience?
Recently, our technology partner Kentico announced a big change to their Kentico CMS and EMS branding by announcing the platform is now Xperience. This evolution in branding represents Kentico’s commitment to a changing marketplace and trends in the web marketing industry.

Xperience by Kentico logo

Let’s explore this change to Xperience and what it means.

Changing Web Marketing Trends

In early 2020 the research and advisory firm Gartner announced that it would be retiring the WCM Magic Quadrant noting that, “the Web Content Management (WCM) market has reached its maturity with products becoming more homogenized.” Gartner added, “Client demand has been shifting from WCM to the broader scope of DXP (Digital Experience Platforms)."

Gartner isn’t alone in its assessment of the industry. Research competitor Forrester, which produces its own industry report on WCM, noted last fall the “classic” era of Web CMS is closing.  Organizations that build digital strategies around “bringing people to their website” or via page-based web-building foundation are behind.

This general market shift from web content management to DXP is a primary reason Kentico updated its branding and messaging. The Xperience brand better matches that research and marketplace trend. While the change from Kentico CMS and EMS to Xperience is pretty radical, it’s not the first time Kentico has introduced changes to its branding based on market trends. 

  • 2004 Kentico CMS - Content Management System
  • 2011 Kentico EMS - Enterprise Marketing Solution
  • 2020 Kentico Xperience - Create stunning digital experiences faster.

What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

There are varying definitions of DXP. It's not as clear-cut as a web content management system.

Gartner defines a DXP as “an integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery, and optimization of contextualized digital experiences.” In short, technology platforms that help marketers build out customer experience (CX).

Another definition describes DXP as an all-in-one technology solution for building CX.

Xperience Is a DXP Hybrid

Here at BizStream, we believe the Kentico Xperience platform to be somewhere in-between those two definitions. Xperience has a lot of out of the box features that can make it an all-in-one solution for some organizations. With its integration capabilities via a robust API, the platform can also be the core technology, as described by Gartner, with interoperability between other toolsets used for CX by sophisticated marketing teams.

Xperience out of the Box DXP Features

Since it’s inception in 2004 as a web content management system, Kentico has built out a toolset to help marketers. Over the years, the toolset has grown to support an ever-changing CX.

Content Management

If you've been using Kentico CMS, you know that it has best in class Content Management capabilities with robust tools for content authoring, multi-language content, workflows, and versioning, to name a few features. These tools will continue to be available in Xperience and mature even more, improving the way marketers will manage content.

Kentico Xperience content editing interface

Digital Marketing

Kentico EMS brought us new features in the platform, including email campaigns, content personalization, social marketing, search, and forms. These tools can continue to be utilized in Xperience and are getting even better with the new MVC toolsets being released.

Kentico Xperience MVC form builder application

eCommerce / Digital Commerce

Built into the Xperience platform is a robust eCommerce engine with some sophisticated features. Discounts, customized checkout processes, and product variants are all in the box. Combined with the ability to integrate with CRM’s and payment gateways, you have a powerful tool in the DXP.

Kentico Xperience admin interface highlighting products and showing editable product details

Marketing Automation

Unlike many platforms, in the box, Xperience includes an easy to use marketing automation system that allows for building out effective campaigns to nurture leads, provide buyer guidance, as well as engage existing clients.

Kentico Xperience marketing automation application showing a lead nurturing process.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

You may not recognize Xperience as a CDP, however, it does have the chops to be one with its contact management, activity tracking, lead scoring, personas, and most impressive data protection capabilities (GDPR & CCPA). Combined with Xperience’s ability to add custom data to records and it’s API, that customer data information can be shared across platforms.

Kentico Xperience contact properties

Xperience Integration to Strengthen DXP

Here at BizStream, we’re no stranger to the power of integration using Kentico’s tools. The robust API provided in Xperience has allowed us to integrate with hundreds of systems, including those that support an overall CX for our clients.

We believe that integrating with other toolsets is so important that we’ve developed Extensions to Xperience like Connect that allows for data transfer between platforms like Dynamics and Marketo. This integration allows for custom CX based on the data stored in those CRMs.

Utilizing the API Xperience provides allows for building out a seamless digital experience that combines content management, digital marketing, eCommerce, and other systems like ERP and CRM.

Maturing From CMS to DXP

While the current platform hasn’t changed (at the time of this post, Version 12), the updated branding and messaging Kentico has laid out around Xperience will drive the roadmap of the platform and continue to shape it.

The team here at BizStream is looking forward to seeing what the future of Xperience will bring, allowing us to create digital experiences and deliver faster results for our clients.

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