New BizStream Website Redesign

By Stephanie Hofman On November 14, 2016

New BizStream Website Redesign

What people consider 'good design' is always evolving. What we think looks good today may not look good to us a few years down the road. Most of us probably don't consider wood paneling or leg warmers to be 'in style' nowadays. The same idea applies to designing websites. Every year there are new trends in web design and in order for BizStream to stay competitive in our industry it’s important to reassess our own website frequently.  

In addition to design, content also needs to stay current. BizStream is constantly assessing its business strategies to better meet the needs of our team members and our clients. As BizStream evolves , so should the content of our website. As we add and improve new products and services, grow our team, and gain competencies, it's important make sure that our site accurately reflects those changes. And since BizStream has made all of those changes over that last two years, it was time to update both our content and design.

Check out how the BizStream site has evolved over the years.

Our site in 2010:


Our site in 2014:


Our new current site:


Goals for the new site

The primary goal of the new website was to showcase our ridiculously awesome BizStream team. We wanted a site that better represented our culture and was more modern in design.

We also wanted to better feature our products, especially the newer BizStream Toolkit

  • Move away from the superhero themed design (sorry, Hyperlink)
  • Get rid of the 'boxy' style, particularly the buttons
  • Feature BizStream's products in a new page
  • Better highlight our team’s uniqueness throughout the site
  • Improve navigation by adding a Kentico menu item and consolidating the services pages
  • Update the general content of the site

New Updates to the Site

The design for this project started around mid-June and we finished up with development at the end of October (in time for the Kentico 404 Conference). The design and front-end development was completed by Stephanie with some back-end development by Dustin, Sterling, and Brian

New updates to the site include:

  • Completely updated Careers page
  • New content and sections in the About page
  • Added functionality to the Blog
    • Search
    • Filter by categories
    • Featured author section
    • Posts by author link
  • Combined Blog and News articles into one Blog feed
  • Improved portfolio detail content
    • Highlight responsive design
    • Larger slideshow screenshots
    • Showcase case studies
  • Updated Team page
    • Fun new stats section added
    • Every team member now has a detail page
    • Awesome new gifs when hovering over a team member's profile
    • Included a profile for our office robot, Wally!
  • Added new Products page
  • New Services page with consolidated content

New 404 page too!

During the redesign project, Kentico was hosting a The 404 Conference, and had a held a contest for the best 404 page. The categories for the contest were: best content, best graphic design, best engagement, and best overall. As part of the new site redesign, we added the 404 page into the list of pages to work on.


At the Kentico event, BizStream was honored to win both the best content award and best overall award!


Overall, we're thrilled with our new website. We've received positive feedback from our friends and clients. It's a site we're proud to show off, at least until it's time for another redesign!

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