Support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine Projects Will End In 2023

By Michelle Lentz On September 14, 2020

Support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine Projects Will End In 2023
In April 2020, Kentico announced they would be extending support for sites built using the Portal Engine approach until September 2023, furthering support by one year due to COVID-19 hardships. This extension is great news for many, as it buys much needed time to make significant changes to soon-to-be unsupported sites.

So, what does this actually mean for businesses whose sites are on an earlier version of Kentico? Unfortunately, it means that the site will need to be entirely rebuilt in Kentico Xperience 12 (or newer) MVC by 2023. Fortunately, there's some wiggle room if a full redesign isn't possible for your team at the moment. Although Kentico Xperience will no longer make developmental improvements to their Portal Engine in 2020, Hotfixes (security and bug fixes) for Kentico 12 Portal Engine will continue to be released until September 2021. Kentico 12 Portal Engine users can make do for a while longer; however, if your site is built on Kentico 11 or earlier, we strongly recommend updating to Kentico 12 Portal Engine, at the very least.

While Kentico 12 Portal Engine users can make do for a while longer, it's essential to start thinking about your site's longer-term future. MVC is still the recommended approach and will soon be the only choice for new projects. Now is the time to contemplate the road to rebuilding and redesigning your site in Kentico Xperience MVC or Kentico Kontent

If you need help navigating the best way to handle your site during the transition from Portal to MVC, our team is happy to help! Contact us, and together we'll work on the best solution for your business needs.
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