In early 2012, BendixKing took a major step forward by setting up independent business operations functioning within Honeywell. This new business model gives us the independence and flexibility we need to respond to the unique needs of light aircraft owners and pilots, like yourself.  With our new operations, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we are confident we are on the right path to better serve your aviation needs.

BendixKing is committed to the creation of innovative, reliable, intuitive avionics for the general aviation pilot. When you choose to fly with BendixKing you can be confident that the products you depend on today will serve you well into the future.

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Whatever it Takes


Bendix/King, an independent business operation functioning within Honeywell, creates avionics for general aviation pilots. The previous Bendix/King website was developed and managed with a custom-built CMS, leaving the Bendix/ King internet and media team unable to add functionality and features to the website. The existing CMS made it extremely difficult to maintain any existing pages that contained dynamic content. Short-term goals for the new Bendix/King website, which includes 100 products and 500 dealers, were:

  • An easy-to-use content management system for updating and adding pages
  • and products.
  • Improved site performance.
  • Ability to sell products online.
  • Future integration with or other CRM.
  • Straightforward implementation of site features.
  • Content personalization for increased sales.
  • Dealer search and Google Maps integration.
  • Ability to integrate e-newsletters.

Long term, Bendix/King envisioned having new and robust functionality added to the site. Internet and media team members wanted a tool that could engage its website visitors with relevent content that related to its two main product categories of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft types. Team members were also looking for a platform that tracks the activity of a visitor, and responds accordingly. Additionally, Bendix/King sought a vendor and partner with deep experience in based content management systems to augment its internal development staff.


The Bendix/King website challenges included:
  1. Migrating nearly 800 documents into Kentico EMS and maintaining URLs for each document.
  2. Increasing site performance to load pages in less than 5 seconds.
  3. Six-week time frame for design, development, content migration, testing, and launch.


Bendix/King chose to partner with BizStream because of their technical ability, high-level understanding of website development, and vast experience using Kentico EMS to provide enterprise class websites. 

BizStream used the following solutions to create the new website:

1. Site migration. With CSV files of exported data, BizStream used Kentico's import toolkit to import dealer data, product data, and related subsets of product data into Kentico EMS. BizStream was able to migrate assets and data into the new site to create an exact one-to-one, page-by-page replica of the old site. Not only was it a perfect replica, but BizStream also automated the process of implementing 301 redirects to preserve previous URLs to maintain search engine rankings. This process took BizStream about three weeks to accomplish. Bendix/King now easily maintains its website with all of its existing data already loaded.

2. Site performance. To increase site performance, BizStream restructured most of the content pages and overall site structure to be less bloated and to follow today’s best practices for clean semantic-based HTML markup, efficient use of optimized images, and correct CSS usage for styling. BizStream also employed Kentico's built-in caching mechanism by configuring the content, server, file, and output caching. BizStream developers took advantage of Kentico's built-in compression to minify resources as much as possible. Using these solutions, load time decreased from 15-20 seconds to 3-5 seconds. The new site performance not only met the project’s goals, but exceeded the entire team’s expectations.

3. Online marketing. For Bendix/King's online marketing needs, Kentico EMS was identified as the perfect platform. BizStream configured Kentico EMS‘s online marketing features to anonymously track website visitor’s activities and patterns. Based on tracked activity and user movement history, the website serves up dynamic and personalized content to visitors. With the intelligence Kentico builds, Bendix/King website can cross sell and up sell to visitors. 

A specific example of Kentico's advanced online marketing functionality is the recently viewed product listing that lives toward the bottom of the product pages on the site. As a website visitor views products from either the fixed wing or rotary wing categories, the history of viewed products is tracked by Kentico EMS. That data is then used to show that specific user a listing of just the products he or she has viewed.

An extremely useful feature that provides a highly personalized customer experience, the recently viewed product listing allows visitors to quickly jump back and forth from products. This quick navigation helps with product comparisons. Users don't even need to sign up or log in to use the feature; the recently viewed product listing is available to all users, even if they're anonymous.

Bendix/King also is using other aspects of content personalization to show targeted content to user groups who meet specific conditions. For example, a poll may appear that asks certain users which mobile devices they're most interested in using with the myWingMan application made by Bendix/King. This poll can be customized to have different wording based on where and when website users visit the site.

All of this activity is tracked by the Kentico EMS platform. Behind the scenes, the content authors and administrators can filter through all of the website activity. This level of tracking provides Bendix/King’s marketing department vast insight into website visitor behavior, and the data itself is analyzed to see which products, searches, pages, or form submissions perform best. 

Using Kentico EMS's support chat feature, Bendix/King has the ability to engage both anonymous and logged in users with real-time messaging — something not even possible with the company's previous website. The Bendix/King team can chat with visitors during business hours, and disable the feature when the support group is offline. 

Future online marketing plans for the website involve using Kentico EMS to provide e-newsletters targeted to certain contact groups who view products from either the fixed wing or rotary wing product categories. The group also plans to build a social community for website visitors.

4. Google Maps integration for dealer search. Google Maps integration was a last minute request, but given how easy the out-of-the-box feature was to customize to meet Bendix/King's needs, BizStream was able to develop the integration in just a few days. Using the Google Maps web part from Kentico as a foundation, BizStream's developers wrote additional custom code to increase the feature's efficiency.

Now, Bendix/King website users can search dealers by ZIP code, city, state, or country. Even if a user misspells a location, the search function returns appropriate results. This feature has dramatically improved the accuracy of dealer search results, and has received rave reviews from the marketing and executive teams as well as from the pilot community.

Key criteria for selecting Kentico CMS

  • Easy to use content management system with intuitive interface for content
  • authors.
  • Multitude of out-of-the-box functionality, features, and tools.
  • platform with Microsoft SQL Server Database.
  • Cost effective, but still enterprise class.

“In my 17 years as web developer, project manager, and web manager, BizStream is the best development company I've ever worked with.”

John Savickas - Web & Social Media Manager