SymReport is a COVID-19 symptom tracker application designed for employers first. SymReport includes a robust dashboard, kiosk feature, and historical tracking - helping employers limit liability with an option to provide limited data to the government.

SymReport Summary



  • Custom Xperience Web Parts
  • Kentico Xperience
  • Azure


  • Design
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Digital Marketing


COVID Symptom Reporting


Kentico Xperience Implementation

BizStream has been great – they are not looking to drive margin on the product; they are doing this as a community service.

Greg Hofmann - PHR, LIC, Advantage Benefits Group


A West Michigan based Health & Welfare Consultant approached BizStream to create a COVID-19 symptom tracker that could meet employer needs in late May of 2020. They were looking for a solution for their clients who needed an affordable COVID-19 symptom tracker unique to each of their clients’ businesses. The solution needed to track and report on employees, send alerts to managers/supervisors when employees are symptomatic, and upload into their HRIS for data tracking and compliance.
Although free tools existed in the area, such as Spectrum Health's COVID-19 tracking application, employers could not retain any reported information. Furthermore, most free tools had other service gaps that did not make up a full solution.



A short time frame of two weeks to deliver a working application in time for Michigan's move to phase 4 of the Safe Start Plan, which allowed offices to re-open, proved to be a big challenge. Other project challenges included:

  • Solutioning out a way to segment each employer's data in its own secure, protected area
  • Figuring out how to store employee information in a way that was HIPAA compliant. 
  • Figuring out how to share data with local health departments and state universities for public health records
  • Creating a secure mechanism to uniquely identify each employee, even if they don't have a company email address.
  • Creating a mode that allowed visitors and other non-employees to complete the symptom tracker questions 
  • Providing reports to employers so they could ensure all employees completed the symptom tracker and passed  
  • Providing a cost-effective solution


  • BizStream built a custom application inside the Kentico Xperience platform that allowed each employer to have their own workspace. The application handled segmenting out each workspace with its own data space that was secure and private.
  • The application is hosted in Azure Cloud to meet HIPAA compliance. 
  • BizStream met with Workforce Development Working Group to validate the application's functionality.
  • BizStream developed a custom solution for data sharing with local health departments and state universities. 
  • BizStream built a marketing website that enabled employers around the state to sign up and create their own workspaces quickly. 
  • Our team utilized Azure Static Web Apps as the hosting platform, making it simple to make rapid changes and automate deployments. 
  • BizStream built a custom file upload tool that made it easy for employers to invite employees to join the application. Employers could choose to either use an email address or random unique identifier for employee login credentials with this tool.
  • The application was designed to be mobile-first, allowing for easy mobile check-ins.
  • BizStream created product demo videos and used YouTube's marketing platform to distribute them. 
  • A kiosk mode was developed for businesses to use as an entry point symptom check for anyone visiting the workspace.
  • The Kentico Xperience online form engine was leveraged to provide a dynamic questionnaire that could be customized, allowing employers to personalize the tool to their specific needs.

Kentico Xperience Features & Tools Used

  • Online forms
  • ​Users and roles/permissions
  • Custom tables 
  • User registration system
  • Email templates
  • Reporting 

Integrations with other software/tools

  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube
  • Email