Trustmark Benefits

Trustmark is a national employee benefits company with deep, specialized expertise in voluntary benefits, self-funded health benefits, and health and fitness management. Trustmark pairs a caring, client-first approach with the capabilities, services, and products usually reserved for larger employers to help companies of all sizes solve their benefit challenges. For more than 100 years, Trustmark has helped people and businesses thrive.

Trustmark Benefits Summary

Trustmark Benefits


  • Custom Xperience Web Parts
  • Xperience MVC
  • Kentico Xperience


  • Development
  • Content Management System
  • Integration
  • Digital Marketing


Healthcare Benefits


Kentico Xperience Site of the Month


Kentico Xperience Implementation

In 2019, Trustmark shifted from a “house of brands” to a unified “branded house”. That transition included the consolidation of three distinct business unit websites and an enterprise site into one new Trustmark website; that new site leveraged Kentico 12, MVC and Page Builder. This is the first Trustmark project to use Kentico 12. The CMS platform allowed us to design a modular experience for our editors while maintaining the new brand identity consistently throughout all pages. Page Builder enabled us to deliver against our new UX design and execute the site build to achieve our launch milestone. Without the utilization of Page Builder, our design and development time would have been drastically impacted. While most of the implementation with Kentico 12 was familiar, there were a few new and updated applications that had different setups from the previous version; Bizstream was able to assist us with those new and updated applications with ease.

While Trustmark had partnered with Bizstream on several Kentico projects in the past, this was by far the largest and most complex one to date. Bizstream was able to translate the function and design requirements into manageable agile development sprints. The Trustmark Marketing and Web Development teams worked closely with the Bizstream team to refine the requirements and update components when needed. The modular nature of Kentico Page Builder allowed us to rollout features in sprints that enabled our internal stakeholders to develop content quickly and see immediate results. Instead of being overwhelmed, our internal stakeholders were able to meet the milestones more easily. Bizstream Kentico specialization made it possible to Trustmark to launch our new One Brand consolidated website on time.

Deb OConnor - VP, Customer Insights & Digital Marketing



gain in site sessions



gain in site users



decrease in bounce rate

Trustmark needed to consolidate their existing business unit websites into one central, dynamic site. Previously, the existing business unit specific sites (Voluntary Benefits, Health Benefits, Small Business Benefits, and Healthfitness) catered to different markets and business sizes. This approach needed to be updated to match a new brand initiative. Trustmark's goal was to ensure that the next iteration of the one brand site provided consistent branding across all of their business units;

Other goals included:

  • Making a coordinated deadline happen for all business units that had to rebrand sites seamlessly
  • The ability for content editors, across all business units, to use the same interface  
  • Having all the business units within a single instance of Kentico for each respective site  
  • Be ADA compliant, with WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines
  • Responsive design
  • Enhanced search experience for website visitors
  • Content that speaks to each Trustmark customer audience 
  • SEO 


  • Trustmark's marketing team provided a design system, making it a challenge for BizStream to implement in a way that would support all of the variants of the different business units.
  • Trustmark's Newsroom features were a challenging aspect of the project because of the amount of filtering across multiple levels of content. Content needed to be surfaced to the top and be filtered at a global newsroom level, as well as, a business-specific level. 
  • The project's success depended on multiple people in many different areas of expertise. This included multiple development teams, various CEOs, multiple marketing teams, and more across all five business units.
  • BizStream needed to provide Trustmark with a platform that allowed for the creation of an unlimited number of pages. 
  • Managing the project scope to the firm, the mandated timeline was a significant concern.

Kentico Features & Tools

  • BizStream recommended that Trustmark use Kentico EMS 12.0 with the MVC development framework. Utilizing the new MVC Page and Form Builder was a key recommendation. This allowed editors to drag and drop Kentico widgets onto the page to build dynamic page designs. 
  • BizStream was able to marry the built-in Kentico Page Builder Widget system with This allowed developers to work in modern front end technology like React to develop reusable components that increased the development speed of the site.
  • BizStream leveraged the existing metadata fields of Kentico Page Types to create support for rich metadata, including open graph tags.
  • The core system relies on content only Page Types that inherit from other Page Types to increase the reusability of the content model.
  • BizStream utilized Kentico Users and Roles to create Kentico UI personalization for each group of editors on the admin side of the solution.
  • BizStream used the built-in Kentico 12 MVC online form system with formatted emails. 
  • Kentico Continuous Integration was used for each deployment from one environment to the next.
  • Compare for Kentico was used to ensure environments stayed within sync as features were deployed.
  • Kentico Glimpse was used to ensure proper caching and performance were considered and monitored.

Other Solutions

Utilized Azure Search Integration to solve Trustmark's Newsroom and general search requirements. This integration sits on top of the built-in Azure Search Indexer as well as being customized by BizStream to include sub-content items in the same search document. This results in stronger search relevance.

Integrations with other software/tools

  • Siteimprove
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google ReCaptcha
  • Silkroad
  • Azure Search
  • Vimeo
  • Social Media Links


  • 3% gain in site users
  • 10% gain in site sessions
  • Bounce rate down by over 8%