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Trustmark Companies provide employee benefits through four strategically linked businesses: Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions, HealthFitness, CoreSource, and Starmark. Trustmark employs more than 4,100 associates that provide products and personalized attention to individuals, families, employers, and organizations, fulfilling the company mission: “Helping people increase well-being through better health and greater financial security.

Trustmark Companies Summary

Trustmark Companies


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Kentico Xperience Implementation

This is my second project with Kentico and BizStream. Knowing the expectations and BizStream's process made working as a team even easier. BizStream specializes in Kentico, and that's evident in their depth of knowledge and familiarity with the product. I felt confident that they were up to speed on the latest version of Kentico and would develop my project in a timely manner.

From a purely content management system perspective, Kentico has a lot of strengths. While my project doesn't leverage all the great features, we were able to add functionality easily without a long development process and will continue to do so as our business requirements change. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kentico for CMS projects.

Samantha Dennis - Senior Web Developer



increase in pages visited per session



decrease in bounce rate


While the products and services offered by the Trustmark Enterprise are competitive and thriving, their website was outdated. Because the site was not built on a standard CMS platform, it often required IT intervention when updates were needed. This limited the marketing department’s ability to keep the content relevant and accurate, which ultimately affected the customer’s experience, as well.

The previous site was also not optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Trustmark wanted to improve their visitors’ mobile experience in response to the continued rise in mobile consumption.

The four primary objectives for Trustmark were to:

  • Create a marketing website that was easy for visitors to navigate and made it easy to find information quickly, even though the site contains an exceptional amount of content and capabilities.
  • Redesign and develop a site that would allow the marketing team to maintain and update all website content on their own, thus eliminating reliance on IT resources.
  • Include an extensive video library with the flexibility to be categorized in-house.
  • Create proper protocol and governance for versioning control and user permissions to ensure updates could be reviewed, edited, and approved prior to publishing.


One of the largest challenges facing the Trustmark implementation was a condensed timeline. The project kicked off in late August with a goal of launching within just a few short months. Added to the quick development timeline was a variety of unique challenges that inherently rose to the surface simply by designing and developing a website of this size and robust scope. Those challenges included:

A significant amount of content. Because Trustmark is a parent company, multiple individual entities needed to be represented on the site, each with their own proprietary content and videos. The entirety of each brand’s content had to be reviewed, updated, and moved into the new CMS.

The creation of a video library. This element required a sizable time and resource commitment to organizing Trademark’s large database of videos.


One of the greatest parts of this project was the relationship between BizStream and Trustmark—the result of having collaborated on a previous project together. The client was familiar with the Kentico platform and felt confident that BizStream would have a working understanding of their processes and style. This partnership played a large role in the project’s success and led to solutions and strategies such as:

  • Having the flexibility to allow the client to design the website internally. BizStream then simply applied Trustmark’s designs to the platform.
  • Building the site on Kentico 8.2—the newest version at the time.
  • Utilizing a portal engine to develop the website quickly, then collaborating with the client’s marketing department to update and migrate all content into the CMS.
  • Creating a fully responsive website that’s easy for the client to edit and maintain going forward.


As a result of creating their new site on the Kentico platform, Trustmark has experienced impressive results across the board (data was collected from 1/4/16 - 3/31/16 and compared to the previous 90 days):

  • A boost in the length of an average visitor’s session duration from 1:15 to 1:26.
  • Nearly doubling the number of pages visited per session from 1.70 to 3.15.
  • Significantly reducing the site’s bounce rate from 71.41% to 45.08%.
  • Receiving, on average, over 20 “Contact Us” form submissions per week, directly increasing leads and conversions from the website.
  • Gaining the flexibility to operate and manage website videos and content independently without relying on help from the IT team.
  • A bevy of additional features and functionality that can be easily and continually implemented as business requirements change and advance.

Key criteria for using Kentico

The client’s aforementioned existing understanding of Kentico’s portal engine, ease of use, and scalability:

  • Made Kentico especially attractive as a platform.
  • Afforded BizStream more room to move quickly on building the website, making the most of the tight deadline.
  • Assured the website would be easy for the marketing team to maintain internally.
  • BizStream is a trusted partner of Trustmark, and while there was still a bidding process, BizStream and Kentico were chosen as the solution.
  • The client knew they needed a robust platform that could carry out many unique requirements and objectives throughout the site. For example, the careers section was a driving focus of the site, as it was to be used for recruitment across the company and all locations, featuring testimonials across all Trustmark entities.
  • Video content was also at the core of this development. The client understood that Kentico was robust enough to integrate, organize, and display a large database of videos, while still easy enough to maintain on the back end.