4 Time Management Strategies for Project Managers

Discover four time management techniques that help project managers navigate projects, meet deadlines, and deliver outstanding results.

Effective time management is a crucial skill that empowers project managers to navigate the complexities of web projects, whether that be through a discovery or implementation. By adopting proven time management strategies, project managers can optimize their productivity, meet deadlines, support their teams, and achieve successful outcomes. In this blog post, we will explore essential time management techniques that will elevate your project management game and pave the way for project success.

1. Master the Art of To-Do Lists

This may seem like a very obvious place to start, but experience has taught me how critical To-Do list management is to overall project health. Effective To-Do lists allow you to keep track of needed activity, prioritize your work, and ensure that the client and your project team have what they need to be informed and successful. I recommend focusing on high-impact, time-sensitive tasks first and using a tool that you will actually stick to for managing these tasks. A checklist on your desk can be great, but I like using a personal JIRA board for my task management. There are tons of tools out there that can be used, so look for a solution that fits you best!

Jira time tracking list view

2. Plan with Precision

Planning and resourcing a project is the de facto task that describes the average day’s work for a project manager. This can be difficult, however, when pulling together schedules that span multiple teams, companies, and time zones. While it may be easier to plan sprint rituals and meetings on a more ad hoc basis, taking the time to coordinate calendars, set clear expectations with all parties involved, and laying out scheduled plans with recurring meetings goes a long way in ensuring your overall sanity.

If making all those meetings and sessions happen across so many people is difficult, don’t be afraid to have tough conversations about prioritization and the importance of a regular cadence of meetings. If expectations need to shift, that’s okay too. Get everyone on the same page, though, and make sure the plan is agreed upon by all.

3. Communication Is Key

Strong and transparent communication is essential for project success. Regularly communicate with your team, stakeholders, and clients to ensure everyone is aligned. Share project updates, discuss challenges, and provide clear expectations. Effective communication fosters collaboration, prevents misunderstandings, and promotes a supportive team environment.

At BizStream, we believe there should never be surprises regarding project status and budget. Transparency expedites and invigorates decision-making. It builds trust. It allows decision-makers to do what they do best. Communicating as soon as possible, with clarity and decisiveness, can help secure ongoing project health.

4. Embrace Time-Blocking

Time-blocking is a powerful technique for optimizing focus and productivity. Allocate specific time blocks for different tasks, such as meetings, focused work, and communication. Protect these time blocks from interruptions and distractions. By dedicating uninterrupted chunks of time to important tasks, you’ll enhance your focus and efficiency.

Time blocking example


By adopting these time management techniques, project managers will be better equipped to navigate through projects, meet deadlines, and deliver outstanding results. Remember, time management is a valuable asset that allows PMs to lead their teams with efficiency and achieve remarkable results in every project. Find what works for you, and as with all things project-related, don’t be afraid to change it up as you learn more.

About the Author

Ian Hilgendorf

Ian came to technology by way of a short-lived sales career. When he realized pounding the phones wasn’t his passion, he started in application support, where he learned that running SQL scripts and playing with enterprise apps was way more fun. Over time, Ian made his way to project management – bringing people, tech, budget, and deliverables together in the service of delighting teams and customers. When he isn’t crafting new spreadsheets, Ian spends time with his wife and three daughters. Ian also enjoys searching for new music and supporting Manchester United.

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