Brian McKeiver Announced as a 2024 Kentico MVP

Our Co-Owner and Solution Architect has been named a 2024 Kentico MVP for the thirteenth consecutive year!

BizStream proudly announces that our Co-Owner and Solution Architect, Brian McKeiver, has been named a Kentico Xperience MVP for 2024.

Kentico MVP badge

The Kentico MVP Award is designed to recognize individuals who have been active members of this community for the past 12 months. Kentico MVPs are engaged community advocates who listen and promote our digital Xperience platform while fostering collaboration and providing guidance to developers.

McKeiver has over ten years of experience working within the Kentico platform. In 2012, he was honored for the first time as a Kentico MVP, making this year’s recognition his thirteenth consecutive honor.

I am immensely honored and humbled to be named a Kentico MVP once more. This continuous acknowledgment reflects my dedication and expertise in delivering state-of-the-art content management solutions based on Kentico. Each year, this accolade motivates me to push the boundaries further and uphold the high standards of the Kentico community. My heartfelt thanks to everyone at Kentico and the greater development community.

Brian McKeiver speaking at Kentico Connections
Brian McKeiver speaking at Kentico Connection 2023

What is the Kentico Xperience MVP Award?

The Kentico Xperience MVP Award is a one-year industry recognition given to individuals based on their community participation and evangelistic activities in the CMS and .NET communities for the past 12 months.

Who is a Kentico Xperience MVP?

Kentico Xperience MVPs are passionate about the tools and technologies of Kentico Xperience, .NET, JavaScript, and other platforms. They are an emissary for Kentico in both the worldwide and local communities. They are passionate and involved in at least one broad community engagement area like blogs, Twitter, video, and online and in-person speaking engagements. They are champions in both the Kentico community and public community forums. They have demonstrated expert knowledge and excel at providing constructive and credible insights into how Xperience can be a better product based on real-world experience. Above all else, they are good Internet citizens advocating for Kentico, .NET, and the worldwide CMS community.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Kentico Xperience MVP on Your Kentico Project?

Having a Kentico Xperience MVP overseeing your Kentico project has many benefits. Our MVP:

  • Gains early insights into Kentico’s strategy and roadmap
  • Has direct access to Kentico teams and the possibility to influence the products development
  • Can provide faster solutions to problems thanks to connections with other MVPs

More From Brian McKeiver

As the Co-Owner of BizStream, Brian McKeiver wears multiple hats, serving as a solution architect and visionary. Recognized as a Microsoft Azure MVPKentico MVP, and MVP, he brings over 21 years of expertise. In addition to his expertise in web development, cloud technologies, content management, and digital marketing, Brian actively engages with the tech community via his blog at and hosts the Kontent Rocks podcast.

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