Brian McKeiver Speaking at Michigan Technology Conference 2024

Join Brian McKeiver at the Michigan Technology Conference, an annual event for tech enthusiasts and professionals.

Join Brian McKeiver, co-owner and solution architect at BizStream, as he takes the stage at the Michigan Technology Conference on Thursday, March 21, and Friday, March 22, 2024!

About Michigan Technology Conference

The Michigan Technology Conference (MiTechCon) is an annual event for tech enthusiasts and professionals, offering a premier platform to delve into the latest technological trends and innovations. MiTechCon brings together a diverse community of software developers, engineers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs for engaging discussions, hands-on workshops, and insightful presentations by industry experts. Focused on fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, MiTechCon allows attendees to stay up-to-date on emerging technologies, expand their professional networks, and immerse themselves in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Session Abstract

Azure OpenAI in Action

Azure’s OpenAI Service allows developers to apply large language models and generative AI to a variety of use cases. It represents a transformative approach to AI development. By leveraging Microsoft’s powerful cloud infrastructure, it demystifies complex AI processes. Most importantly it allows you to bring your own data to the party.

Join the session to see how this service, along with tools like Azure OpenAI Studio and Azure ML Studio, makes AI development accessible and manageable for us all. See how it is a platform designed to bridge the gap between theoretical AI and practical implementation. Leave knowing how to ground AI with your own data and add it into your own applications.

Date: March 21, 2024
Time: 1:15 – 2:15 PM
Room: Infoblox Room

Brian McKeiver MiTechCon

How to Attend

Secure your spot before March 15, 11:59 PM EDT. Visit the MiTechCon website to register!


About Brian McKeiver

Brian McKeiver is Co-Owner at BizStream, a digital agency in Allendale, MI. At BizStream, he is a solution architect, visionary, Microsoft Azure MVP, MVP, and Kentico MVP. He has 21 years of experience leading his agency of more than 35 employees, about a hundred clients spread out across North America and one heck of an interesting story of how it all started from a two-person team. In addition to his expertise in web development, cloud, integration, and digital marketing, Brian is active with the tech community via his blog at and podcast Kontent Rocks.

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