Fostering Growth and Nurturing Potential: Welcoming Our Five Newest Interns!

Meet our Summer 2024 interns! Discover their skills and see how BizStream’s core value of fostering growth in others shapes our internship program.

The Importance of Mentorship at BizStream

At BizStream, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talent; in fact, fostering growth in others is built into our core values. Learn more about our core values here. Our internship program provides hands-on experience to students at every stage in their academic journey and beyond. We empower individuals to develop, evolve, and succeed through mentorship, cultivating an environment of ongoing feedback, and promoting trust through shared accountability. We aim for interns to gain real-world experiences that will elevate their future careers.

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Back Row: Sam Ardinger (left) Lucas Henry (right) Front Row: Miranda Morris (left) Maddie Cammenga (middle) Kalina Foster (right)

Meet Our Summer 2024 Interns

This summer, we are happy to welcome five talented individuals who will bring fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to our team. Let’s introduce you to our new interns:

A headshot of Lucas Henry at BizStream

Lucas Henry

Development Intern

As a Senior pursuing his degree in Computer Science at Grand Valley State University, Lucas is passionate about expanding his expertise in both frontend and backend development. Eager to learn from experienced mentors and immerse himself in real-world challenges, he thrives in an environment that fosters growth. Lucas is excited to contribute to the awesome culture at BizStream while honing his skills and making meaningful contributions. Outside of work, Lucas enjoys reading, hiking, spending a day at the beach, and watching Formula 1.

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Miranda Morris

Development Intern

Miranda, a Junior at Davenport University is pursuing her degree in Computer Science. She is dedicated to enhancing her coding abilities and mastering the art of collaboration. As she immerses herself in the office environment, Miranda is eager to learn from her peers. She enjoys the company culture at BizStream and looks forward to contributing her skills while embracing the principles of teamwork and innovation. Outside of work, Miranda enjoys biking, playing video games, creating art, and spending time with her friends.

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A headshot of Miranda Morris at BizStream
A headshot of Sam Ardinger at BizStream

Sam Ardinger

Development Intern

As a sophomore attending Michigan State University, Sam is pursuing his degree in Computer Science. Sam’s focus during this internship is to refine his coding abilities within a team framework while gaining exposure to client interactions. He anticipates the chance to work in a corporate environment and engage in collaborative programming projects. Sam particularly appreciates the supportive atmosphere and the team here at BizStream. Outside of work, Sam enjoys cooking, hanging out with his friends, playing and watching sports, playing video games, and landscaping.

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Maddie Cammenga

Marketing Intern

Maddie, a Senior at Western Michigan University is pursuing her degree in Digital Marketing and E-commerce. Her objective is to develop hands-on experience in marketing within a collaborative team setting. She values her time at BizStream where she feels the employees’ well-being is prioritized and hopes to develop transferable skills essential for her future career. Maddie enjoys the enthusiastic work environment and of course, the slide. Outside of work, Maddie enjoys Hiking, Swimming, weightlifting, snowboarding, and sewing.

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A headshot of Maddie Cammenga at BizStream
A headshot of Kalina Foster at BizStream

Kalina Foster

Creative Intern

Kalina is a graduate of Michigan State University where she obtained her B.S. in Psychology. Her primary aspiration is to immerse herself in the realm of UX design and utilize her time here to launch her career in the industry.  Kalina is enthusiastic about her upcoming website redesign project, viewing it as an excellent opportunity to learn. She enjoys the “all hands on deck” culture at BizStream as well as our team’s energy and of course the snack station. Outside of work, Kalina enjoys baking, reading, board sports, and occasionally, indulging in some Nintendo Switch Gaming.

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Intern With Us

We offer internships in many fields, including web development, creative design, and marketing. If you are interested in learning more about our internship program, check out our internship page to see what opportunities are available.

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