Hydrolox™ is the brand name applied to engineered polymer traveling screens invented and supplied directly by Intralox, who has been supplying screens directly to the water-extracting world for more than 20 years.

Hydrolox website shown on multiple devices
GatsbyJS, Kontent.ai
Machinery/Engineering, Manufacturing
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Project Goals

Having previously worked on Intralox’s Commercial Food Sanitation website, BizStream again collaborated with Intralox to revamp their outdated hydrolox.com website.

The primary goals were to reconstruct the site using the headless CMS platform, Kontent.ai, establishing a robust technology stack and content model for long-term stability while ensuring seamless upgradability and responsiveness. This initiative aimed to enhance user experience and searchability, aligning it closely with the existing technology stack of Intralox.com and its other brands.

The new Hyrolox site was meticulously crafted to mirror the look, feel, and technology stack of other Intralox sites, including Commercial Food Sanitation. This approach emphasized visual alignment and administrative ease. Special attention was given to improving page speed and implementing a filtering system for Case Studies.

Hydrolox website homepage


Hydrolox website shown on mobile and tablet


Hydrolox website shown on mobile and tablet


Hydrolox website shown on a monitor

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