Ian Hilgendorf

Ian Hilgendorf headshot

Ian came to technology by way of a short-lived sales career. When he realized pounding the phones wasn’t his passion, he started in application support, where he learned that running SQL scripts and playing with enterprise apps was way more fun. Over time, Ian made his way to project management – bringing people, tech, budget, […]

Josh Gallentine

Josh Gallentine headshot

Josh started deleting random system files in 1999, began learning code in early 2021, and some time in between there collected too many hobbies. He worked in the mental and behavioral health field for 12 years, working with children with cognitive impairments and developmental delays. In his free time, Josh plays music, works on (*cough* […]

Tyler Pfohl

Tyler Pfohl headshot

Tyler originates from the corn-filled land of Iowa and has loved technology since he was little. Originally he wanted to become a programmer, but his older brother introduced him to the amazing world of QA in 2014. Ever since then, he has developed a hunger for ensuring high quality. His latest passion is using automation […]

Caleb Compston

Caleb Compston headshot

For over ten years, Caleb has managed products, projects, and processes for small nonprofits to multi-billion dollar companies. With a passion for making technology accessible to the masses, Caleb found his niche in being able to communicate and document both complex and simple ideas to a wide variety of target audiences. When he isn’t managing […]

Josh Rubino

Josh Rubino headshot

Josh started his management career in the movie business, working on various productions and thriving in the heightened intensity of a film set. He loves planning and strategizing, working with his fellow colleagues in living out the BizStream mission of doing whatever it takes. When he isn’t at work, Josh and his wife Christina assume […]

Amanda Hodges

Amanda Hodges headshot

Amanda works part-time as BizStream’s bookkeeper and HR manager. She also supports the organization by performing various office tasks. Working part-time allows Amanda to spend time with her three kids and participate in their numerous extracurricular activities. When she has free time, Amanda enjoys going to the gym, hiking, and reading. Fun Facts I’ve owned […]

Michelle Lentz

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Michelle has an eye for design and aesthetics and enjoys applying these principles to business. LinkedIn Fun Facts I’m a houseplant collector + hobbyist. I lived in Boulder, Colorado for two years. I love to travel internationally. I enjoy growing and harvesting my own food. I like to handcraft soaps, candles, salves, and more. Favorites […]

Josh Trench

Josh Trench headshot

Josh hails from the early days of BizStream. Josh was brought back to drive developers crazy with endless screen captures and loads of constructive criticism. When he’s not finding software bugs, you will most likely find him running around, making sure our building is in prime condition. Outside of work, Josh can be found exploring […]

Mike Kren

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Mike has been managing large-scale projects for the better part of the last 11 years. His passion is bringing order to the chaos to keep everyone on the same page and the work moving forward. LinkedIn Fun Facts There is a ridiculous amount of movie trivia stored in my head. I love to drive. I […]