Mike Webb

Web Developer

After getting the “bug” for coding and with the insatiable thirst for learning, Mike never looked back.

Mike Webb

Fun Facts

  • I was born and raised in Colorado.
  • I enjoy heavy metal.
  • I really like hot sauce.
  • I recently became a father.
  • I really enjoy driving a standard transmission.


  • Color: Dark aqua
  • Food: Mexican
  • Movie/TV Show: Terminator 2
  • Book: The Oath
  • Physical Activity: Hiking and biking
  • Vacation: Hawaii
  • Ice Cream: Cake Batter (with chocolate chips)

Skill Set

C# - 90%

MVC - 80%

JavaScript - 70%

Clean Code - 80%

Multitasking - 10%

Grilling - 74%

Guitar - 65%

Enjoying the Little Things in Life - 100%

Mike started his programming career in high school on a TI83+ calculator. In college, he continued with C++. His desire to code came from playing video games and wanting to know how they worked and from his mother, who also worked in software. After getting the bug for coding and with the insatiable thirst for learning, he never looked back. Aside from programming, Mike loves hiking, fishing, listening to and playing music, being involved at church, and spending time with his family and friends.