10 Reasons You Should be Using Kentico Xperience 13 as Your DXP

Kentico recently launched Kentico Xperience 13, making its platorm even better for marketers and developers.

Kentico Software recently launched Kentico Xperience 13, enhancing its digital experience platform for marketers and developers with new features and updates. With the latest release, Kentico is one of the first DXP vendors to switch to ASP.NET Core MVC. 

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We’re pretty excited about it, and here are ten reasons why you should be using it:

  1. A future-proof web framework with industry-leading performance. Kentico’s move to the ASP.NET Core MVC Framework for Xperience 13 is great for developers, providing increased control over code and simplified deployment. While marketers may not care about the underlying code, they love the improved load times and site performance the ASP.NET Core MVC framework provides.
  2. Best-of-breed Marketing Automation. Easy-to-use, built-in marketing automation tools give marketers the ability to build automated workflows through a simple drag-and-drop interface. This simplicity helps streamline communication processes, increase customer engagement, and improve overall marketing performance.
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  1. Reusable Content. The re-implementation of Xperience’s reusable content feature saves time by allowing editors to create pages, sections, and more by reusing existing content in three different ways. Content editors can now reuse content by:
    1. Linking a page or an object through the new Linked Node feature and interface
    2. Utilizing related pages via the related pages tab and relationships
    3. Ad-hoc related documents (through a page type field of type ‘Page field’)
  2. Platform Enhancements. The new page features such as Search, Dynamic Routing, Page Builder, and more boost productivity and reduces developer resources. Kentico Xperience 13 contains a full-blown feature set for the MVC development model. 
  3. Kentico Toolkit. We’re partial to this one because we built it, but honestly, the Toolkit is heaven-sent for connecting to 3rd party CRMs, integrating with Siteimprove for web accessibility and content audits, and of course,  the latest extension Constant Care for Kentico, over 100 performance checks of your Xperience site on a daily or weekly basis. 
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  1. Integrations With Voice Assistants. Integrations with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home allow users to control the administration interface. Kentico Xperience 13 includes KEVIN, the code name for the Kentico Xperience integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. KEVIN enables users to control the Kentico Xperience interface without the need to use a keyboard or mouse. KEVIN makes Kentico Xperience more accessible to those with disabilities or those who prefer to use voice to control the administration interface instead of typing. 
  2. .NET Core. Kentico Xperience 13 provides the latest technologies for the development of websites and web solutions. By running a live site application on the ASP.NET Core MVC framework, developers can benefit from better load times and website performance with a lower footprint. They can process immense amounts of data and traffic with fewer resources. It allows developers to build websites and apps on modern technology and brings more freedom when choosing an infrastructure to run a website.
  3. Custom Dynamic Routing. In addition to existing approaches for URL routing, Xperience 13 comes with a new content tree-based URL routing mode. The system can automatically generate page URLs based on their position in the content tree and page types. Kentico has also added support for configuring URLs’ format on multilingual sites using the content tree-based routing mode.
  4. No Portal Engine or ASPX Templates. Portal Engine and ASPX are old technologies; Kentico is looking toward the future. MVC is now the only development model for KX13, meaning developers can no longer use older Web Forms approaches using Portal Engine or ASPX templates. MVC is a more lightweight platform with less need for developer assistance from content admins.
  5. Simplicity. According to Gartner, Kentico typically presents less complexity in terms of the deployment and capabilities of its DXP than some other vendors in this Magic Quadrant. This can shorten the time to value for users of the platform.

If your site is outdated, now’s the perfect time to plan for an upgrade or full redesign, so you don’t find yourself with an unsupported site. You can read more about Kentico’s support timeline in our blog post, Support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine Projects Will End in 2023. Xperience 13, without a doubt, is the best version of Xperience available. ASP.NET and MVC are the future and will soon be the only choice for new projects. We can help you on the road to rebuilding and redesigning your site in Kentico Xperience MVC or Kontent.aiReach out to our team of experts to help recommend the best solution for your needs.

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