8 Tips for Maintaining Sanity During Difficult Times

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we first felt the initial impact of Covid. And what a year it was!

Many of us have felt the result not just at work but also at home. For some of us, it might not have hit us too hard; for others, it has been devastating. But, regardless of the magnitude, we have all been affected in one way or another. So here are a few ideas that may benefit you or even help you think of new ways to continue to tough it out through 2021.

Personally, I am very grateful that myself and my family have “survived” thus far with our health and jobs intact. Yet, there have been many disappointments and adjustments on the way, and they keep on coming. Working from home and virtual school for my three children has often been quite a challenge. Being mostly “holed up” at home and not being able to see friends and family or even to go out often leads to feelings of loneliness. The most difficult thing for me, as a mom, is to have to sit my children down and tell them that one more thing they have been looking forward to has been canceled: another sports season, 4-h shows, church groups/activities, vacations, camps, and my daughter’s a once-in-a-lifetime East Coast Trip with her classmates.  

With no real end in sight to the pandemic, it’s easy to feel down, both physically and emotionally. So I ask myself, “What are some ways we have used or are using, both at work and at home, to help cope with some of the stress and issues that Covid has brought about?”.

Here are a few ideas that may be beneficial to you or even help you think of new ways yourself to continue to tough it out through 2021.

1. Give yourself grace. Don’t be too hard on yourself (or your children). 2020 was a rough year, but you survived it.  2021, you got it, no problem!

2. Try to focus on the positives. Have you been able to spend more time with the family, less time commuting, lessen your commitments outside of work, focus more on your hobbies, or more time for self-care?

3. Maintain your physical health. Exercise has always been a great way for me to blow off steam, and I feel a lot better afterward. Even if you can’t go to a gym, there are many programs online you can do at home without any or little equipment. Challenge yourself. Get creative and get your family/friends involved. 

photo collage of BizStream team members jumping rope
Four team members completing in the 10k RPM Jump Challenge

4. Get outside when you can and enjoy nature. Science shows that going outside has many benefits, including giving you more energy and mental focus.

5. Connect virtually with people. Virtual hangouts can be a way to feel connected to your friends, family, and even co-workers. At BizStream, we have been doing virtual happy hours just to chill and catch up with our fellow team members. This past summer, we even held a socially distanced parking lot party just to be able to get together in person. 

10 year Kentico anniversary party photo collage
BizStream team members celebrating BizStream's tenth anniversary as a Kentico Partner
Holiday zoom call
Team BizStream celebrating the holidays with a virtual happy hour and trivia

6. Find creative ways to help or do something kind for someone else who is struggling. Send a card, bring a meal or care package, or call or text to let someone know you are thinking of them. Bringing joy to others often brings more joy to ourselves.  

7. Find substitutions. “We can’t do/go ______, but we can do/go ______”.

8. Focus on things you CAN do. Play games, go to parks, go for walks, catch up on your favorite show or read that book you never seem to have time to finish.

Hang in there, and best wishes to you in 2021.

About the Author

Amanda Hodges

Amanda works part-time as BizStream’s bookkeeper and HR manager. She also supports the organization by performing various office tasks. Working part-time allows Amanda to spend time with her three kids and participate in their numerous extracurricular activities. When she has free time, Amanda enjoys going to the gym, hiking, and reading.

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