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Keeping Xperience by Kentico Environments in Sync

By Tim Stauffer on January 06, 2022

In software development, we typically employ several environments to offer a separation of features that are currently being developed, tested, approved, and released. Commonly this involves a 4-tier approach having a development, test, stage, and production environment. The development stage is where all new features are introduced which often...
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Custom Modules with Toolkit for Kentico

By Tim Stauffer on June 15, 2020

Kentico has gone to great lengths to make its product, Kentico Xperience, as feature-packed as possible out of the box. Yet, there is always going to be something that it doesn't do because of your unique needs. That is when creating a custom module makes sense. This blog post will demonstrate how to create your own module using...
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Start To Finish: Kentico Cloud .Net Core 2.2 MVC Boilerplate on Ubuntu 18.04 Using Nginx Reverse Proxy

By Tim Stauffer on February 18, 2019

A growing trend lately on the internet is the use of Headless CMS. To me, it seems like just another buzzword, but if you do any research you will find all the benefits. The main one being separating all your content from how it is displayed. Doing this allows content editors to do their job without stepping on the developer's toes. This...
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How to Boost Kentico Smart Search Results Relevance Score

By Tim Stauffer on March 02, 2017

Score boosting is moving the rank of a search result up and down based on an algorithm - much the same way Google uses an algorithm to determine which results are more relevant. Based on the boost factors you can change the importance of different elements of a document. For example, a user searches for keyword. This keyword is quite common on...
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Quick Tip: Using large SQL databases with Kentico

By Tim Stauffer on February 04, 2016

From time to time you may need to change the name of a column in your Kentico application. For me this usually happens when I made a typo during the design phase and realize later that I need to fix it. Kentico makes this very easy to do, if you do not have lots of data already in the table that may relate to a custom table, on-line form, or...
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