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Say Goodbye to Universal Analytics, Say Hello to Google Analytics 4

By Dave Valko on May 03, 2022

In July 2023, Universal Analytics (UA) – the version of Google Analytics we have depended on for around 10 years will stop processing hits. Users will have six months beyond that date to access historical data before Google’s new analytics product, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), becomes the new standard and all the data in Universal...
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4 Ways to Take Control of Your Metadata and Increase Your Social Media Presence

By Dave Valko on April 07, 2021

Early in 2020, I made the decision to go Plant-Based (Vegan). I’ve scoured the web for various recipes, meat substitutes for my favorite dishes, and for a replacement to what I miss the most - Ice Cream. A friend of mine suggested a hometown creamery’s dairy-free “ice cream,” and it didn’t disappoint.Eager to share...
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What is Kentico Xperience?

By Dave Valko on May 28, 2020

Recently, Kentico announced a big change to their Kentico CMS and EMS branding by announcing the platform is now Xperience. Let’s explore this change to Xperience and what it means.
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Disney+ and the Importance of Performance Testing

By Dave Valko on November 19, 2019

Last week we saw the launch of the well-anticipated Disney+ streaming service. Many of the team here at BizStream were very excited to get our geek on with The Mandalorian. Unfortunately, when the service started, users were greeted with a number of issues.
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Brian McKeiver Earns Kentico Kontent Developer Certification

By Dave Valko on June 26, 2019

BizStream is proud to announce that our very own Kentico MVP, Brian McKeiver, has earned the Kentico Kontent Developer Certificate by passing the Kentico Kontent Developer Exam. 
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Content Grouping with Google Analytics

By Dave Valko on June 23, 2016

Google Analytics is great at providing information about your website and the behavior of your website’s visitors. What Google Analytics can’t do for you is make sense of all the data the it provides. Recently, a client of ours asked us to help them make more sense of the data they have been provided by Google Analytics. They wanted...
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Why we go to GR DevDay

By Dave Valko on March 26, 2015

Besides BizStream being a platinum sponsor of the event, I was curious why our other BizStream team members went to the event. I asked why they go and what they thought the best part of the day was. While many of their responses were development focused, I was surprised to hear their thoughts on networking, the social aspect and even some...
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4 Sets of Analytics to Review in the New Year

By Dave Valko on January 20, 2015

Get a grip on your analytics in 2015! Here's a list of 4 sets of basic analytics to look at to establish your baseline and to measure against in the new year. 
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