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Balancing Our Proven Processes With Customer Needs

By Mike Kren on May 16, 2022

Starting a new project with a new client is always an interesting endeavor. In most cases, you take two separate teams with their own unique processes and workflows they are comfortable with, and join them together. Just as important as it is to determine what we are building, it is also essential to figure out how we will work together to make...
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How to Onboard New Team Members in a Virtual Workplace

By Mike Kren on July 20, 2021

While the last 15 months introduced many unique challenges to the workforce, we recently had to address how to onboard multiple new staff members. Before the pandemic, Bizstream had a hybrid work schedule that offered employees the option to be in the office three days a week and work from home the other two. We had never been in a situation...
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How to Create Project Templates in Jira

By Mike Kren on July 02, 2020

The BizStream team adopted Jira as our project management system almost one year ago. Jira can be customized to the nth degree, making it is easy to get lost behind the scenes in how all the pieces fit together. This blog post will show you how we made Jira more efficient for us by creating project templates.
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The Power of the Clarity Break

By Mike Kren on August 20, 2019

If you follow the BizStream blog you probably know that we are huge proponents of the EOS Business system. EOS is a structure and set of tools geared toward helping businesses create and accomplish their vision while improving or maintaining the health of the company. One tool in the EOS Toolbox is a Clarity Break, and I admit I was skeptical...
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Four Benefits of Making Exercise Part of Your Workday

By Mike Kren on March 27, 2018

I was never one to consider myself an exerciser. Sure, I’ve been relatively active most of my life. As an adult I played a fair amount of pickup basketball and toyed with P90X, but I had never dedicated myself to an exercise regimen, and certainly didn’t make it part of my early morning routine.  
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Drinking in Beer City Code

By Mike Kren on June 15, 2017

Last Saturday, BizStream attended Beer City Code, formerly known as GR DevDay. It’s an event described as “A software conference for software developers of all types”. We’ve always been a huge advocate of this event because we love to be involved with anything that draws positive attention to the West Michigan tech...
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Using Kentico to Create Regional Multi-language Websites

By Mike Kren on June 13, 2016

We have a number of clients whose websites have an international reach. That often means making sure the client is able to present a unified brand image regardless of the language the site is being viewed. For anyone who has done multi-market, and multilingual sites, you know what a challenge this can be.  As we approached one such project,...
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Using Music to Increase Focus and Productivity

By Mike Kren on December 08, 2015

Over a four month span in the early 80s, James Cameron wrote three screenplays simultaneously: The Terminator, Aliens, and a draft of Rambo: First Blood Part II. Each film is considered a classic in its own right. Writing a good script requires dedication, time, and a lot of creative thinking. No easy task, let alone three scripts at once. Of...
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